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  • Jesus The Healer


    For years, this book has challenged and inspired readers to step out in faith and receive the healing that Christ purchased for us. Many people have been healed while reading these pages! Legendary Bible teacher Dr. E. W. Kenyon has a rare gift for presenting the deep and profound truths of God’s Word in a simple and easily understood way. His teachings on expressing positive confessions of faith formed much of the foundation for Word of Faith Pentecostalism.

    In Jesus the Healer, Dr. Kenyon fully explores the powerful gift of healing that Jesus demonstrated throughout His ministry. Sickness and disease are not God’s will for believers. So Kenyon unpacks God’s methods of healing and how to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. God’s healing promises are no good unless you act on them. Believing is acting on God’s Word. Faith is the result of acting on God’s Word. Healing miracles are available today for those who believe and step out in faith! Continue Reading Jesus The Healer

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  • Contending For The Gift Of Healing


    1. Contending For A Right Perspective On Spiritual Gifts, Part 1
    2. Contending For A Right Perspective On Spiritual Gifts, Part 2
    3. Activating Your Spiritual Gifts
    4. Being A Channel Of Divine Power
    5. Contending For A Right Perspective On Healing, Part 1
    6. Contending For A Right Perspective On Healing, Part 2

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    Contents Include: – 6 Audio CDs – 1 Data CD (Includes complete speaker notes [MS Word & PDF] and sermon slides [MS PowerPoint & PDF]) Continue Reading Contending For The Gift Of Healing

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  • Healing Scriptures


    Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin reads aloud scriptures as beautiful, soothing music plays in the background. Continue Reading Healing Scriptures

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  • Healing Anointing Series 2


    In volume 2 of this 2-volume series, Rev. Hagin discusses, among other points, two conditions that must be met for God’s healing anointing to work in a person’s life. Continue Reading Healing Anointing Series 2

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  • Gods Creative Power For Healing


    AUDIO BOOK: God’s Creative Power For Healing

    Charles Capps has created an interactive CD from one of his best selling booklets, God’s Creative Power for Healing

    You will learn how you can release the ability of God for your healing by the words of your mouth!

    Continue Reading Gods Creative Power For Healing

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