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Category: African-American Interest

African-American Interest

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  • Trailblazer : A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight To Make The Media Look More L


    Dorothy Butler Gilliam, whose 50-year-career as a journalist put her in the forefront of the fight for social justice, offers a comprehensive view of racial relations and the media in the U.S.

    Most civil rights victories are achieved behind the scenes, and this riveting, beautifully written memoir by a black first looks back with searing insight on the decades of struggle, friendship, courage, humor and savvy that secured what seems commonplace today-people of color working in mainstream media.

    Told with a pioneering newspaper writer’s charm and skill, Gilliam’s full, fascinating life weaves her personal and professional experiences and media history into an engrossing tapestry. When we read about the death of her father and other formative events of her life, we glimpse the crippling impact of the segregated South before the civil rights movement when slavery’s legacy still felt astonishingly close. We root for her as a wife, mother, and ambitious professional as she seizes once-in-a-lifetime opportunities never meant for a dark-skinned woman and builds a distinguished career. We gain a comprehensive view of how the media, especially newspapers, affected the movement for equal rights in this country. And in this humble, moving memoir, we see how an innovative and respected journalist and working mother helped provide opportunities for others.

    With the distinct voice of one who has worked for and witnessed immense progress and overcome heart-wrenching setbacks, this book covers a wide swath of media history — from the era of game-changing Negro newspapers like the Chicago Defender to the civil rights movement, feminism, and our current imperfect diversity. This timely memoir, which reflects the tradition of boot-strapping African American storytelling from the South, is a smart, contemporary consideration of the media. Continue Reading Trailblazer : A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight To Make The Media Look More L

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  • Our Help : Devotions On Struggle, Victory, Legacy – Including Forty-Five Af


    In Psalm 46:10, God invites His people to spend time reflecting on His power and majesty–to be still and know that He is God. Our Help: Devotions on Struggle, Victory, and Legacy presents a variety of meditations to encourage you to grow stronger in your relationship with God and to share His message of love with others. Written by a variety of authors and representing perspectives from a range of generations, this collection of short devotions and feature stories also includes questions for reflection, suggested Bible readings, a Scripture index, inspiring poetry, and more. Rediscover the hope you have in Christ and how you can live your life to bring Him glory.

    Continue Reading Our Help : Devotions On Struggle, Victory, Legacy – Including Forty-Five Af

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  • Write On Time Journal


    SKU (UPC): 0796038233625Binding: Spiral BoundPublished: 2017Publisher: African American Expressions

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  • From Classism To Community


    In From Classism to Community, author Jini Kilgore Cockroft examines the biblical truths that all persons are made in the image of God, and persons who are transformed through faith in Jesus Christ become members of equal standing in the Christian church. With these two truths as a foundation, she proclaims that Christians should accept one another as equal inheritors of God’s grace, and should relate to one another as peers regardless of any differences in socioeconomic backgrounds. Though central to the gospel message, these assertions often are not in sync with societal realities.

    Cockroft offers a historical analysis of the origin of classism in the church and its influence in the development of denominations, specifically in the African American church. Referencing the works of scholars, Christian writers, and pastors from a broad spectrum of evangelical witness, alongside of her own, and those on the margins, she urges the church to exercise its power to restore, empower, and include the poor and forgotten by prayerfully finding ways to deemphasize social class distinctions while learning instead to affirm and embrace the concept of the imago dei, the belief that all humans have been made in the image of God. Continue Reading From Classism To Community

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  • To Serve This Present Age



    Reviews the history of the black church’s social justice contributions and leadership
    Establishes today’s need for justice ministries in the congregation and community
    Spotlights real-life ministries and initiatives
    Provides sample training manual materials

    At a time when the African American church is increasingly associated with the controversial prosperity gospel, pastors Danielle Ayers and Reginald Williams remind black church leaders of the prophetic call to do justice. Exploring first the biblical foundations for justice work that goes beyond charity, the authors also recall the storied history of the black church’s leadership in the Civil Rights Movement. From there, this practical resource establishes the contemporary need for justice ministries in the congregation and the community. From initiatives of care and education to programs of action and collaboration, discover the transforming impact the church can have on society, culture, and community through diverse social justice ministries. Features Spotlights on real-life ministries and initiatives, as well as two training manual sections, Doing Justice and Our Vote. Continue Reading To Serve This Present Age

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  • What Every Man Of Color Should Know About Jesus


    SKU (ISBN): 9780963812766Melvin BanksBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2012Publisher: Urban Spirit Publishing Company LLC Print On Demand Product

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  • African American Experience In World Mission (Revised)


    Venture into the world of overseas missions from an African-American perspective. This collection of articles takes you deep into the history of missions in the African-American community. You will learn of the struggles to stay connected to the world of missions in spite of great obstacles. You will read of unique cultural experiences while traveling abroad. You will feel the heart for fulfilling the Great Commission both in the African-American community and beyond. All text remains the same in this revised edition, with the exception of new study guide questions at the close of each chapter. The questions can be used to help facilitate discussions in Sunday School, Bible study, seminary classes, conference workshops and other group or individual studies. Continue Reading African American Experience In World Mission (Revised)

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  • Deacons In Todays Black Baptist Church


    What does it mean to be a deacon in today’s black Baptist church?

    Respected author and pastor Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle explores the scriptural basis and historical context for the deacon ministry in the black Baptist church, and addresses the practical issues related to this ministry today:

    What personal qualities should a candidate for deacon possess?
    What does the ministry of deacons entail?
    What relationship should exist between the pastor and deacons?
    What about training, term of service (if any), and women deacons?
    Models of contemporary deacon ministry, illustrated by case studies, provide a twenty-first century look at this first century ministry.

    Continue Reading Deacons In Todays Black Baptist Church

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  • Listen My Son


    Straight talk about what it means to be African American men.

    Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk man-to-man and brother-to-brother. Let’s talk about how we grow into adults and what manhood means. Let’s talk brother-to-brother and man-to-man about how we relate to one another as we grow into adults. Let’s talk about what defines our maleness and our manhood. Let’s talk brother-to-brother as African American men. Let’s talk openly and honestly about what it means to be black men and American. We can no longer assume that we all know what it means to be African American men. This is a conversation that is long overdue. Let’s talk together and listen to one another. This is our time to talk instead of being talked about. It is time for us to shed the unhealthy images and opinions that we have accepted as the standards of what it means to be Black men. The benefits of our talk will transform our souls as well as benefit all the girls and women in our lives. Continue Reading Listen My Son

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  • Real Deal : A Spiritual Guide For Black Teen Girls


    Navigating life can be a challenge for any teenager, but some issues and struggles are unique to African American teens. This book offers some real life guidance that many African American teen girls need. Billie Montgomery Cook addresses a wide range of topics including body image, self-esteem, sexuality, friendship, which are of particular importance to teens.
    All of the subject matter is framed within the context of a young woman’s developing Christian faith. Using a trendy language and style that will appeal directly to young African American girls, the author offers comfort, counsel, advice, and hope. Each chapter concludes with a short, faith-affirming prayer from the author to her readers as well as space for readers to write a prayer of their own. This book is based on the author’s communication with her own teenage daughter.
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  • Welcome Speeches For Special Days


    This useful resource incorporates recitations, suggested scripture, prayers, poetry, speeches, and responses for celebrating a variety of special days in the African American church. Perfect as a worship planning tool for pastors and worship leaders, Welcome Speeches for Special Days is ideal for celebrating those special Sundays that congregations highlight throughout the year.
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  • More Welcome Speeches


    Some General Words Of Welcome
    Welcome Speeches And Responses For Specific Occasions
    Children’s Day
    Youth Sunday
    Mother’s Day
    Father’s Day
    Graduate Recognition Day
    Deacon Ordination
    Pastor Anniversary/Appreciation
    Choir Day
    For Christian Unity
    Welcome Speeches Given By Children
    So Glad
    A Secret
    Too Little
    About To Start
    Poetry And Prayers

    Additional Info
    Sample speeches and responses for a variety of special occasions are included in this book, along with appropriate Scripture verses. These samples reflect the ways we honor God in both celebration and meditation. Use them as a handle when you are asked to give a speech or a response. You will find speeches for Pastor Appreciation Day, Church Anniversary, Choir Anniversary or Appreciation Day, Usher Board Day, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, and more. Another section contains poetry and prayers for use in speeches or short devotionals.
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