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Church Management

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  • Empowering Leadership : How A Leadership Development Culture Builds Better


    Pastor and author Michael P. Fletcher asserts that a leadership pipeline can’t be bought, rather it has to be built from the ground up. Fletcher guides the reader on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your church or organization.

    The key to continued success in any church or organization is a steady stream of healthy, growing leaders; but not just any leaders-leaders who carry the culture and embody its core values. But where can you find leaders like this?

    Author and leadership consultant Michael Fletcher says these types of leaders can’t simply be bought nor can they be hired off of someone else’s assembly line. These types of leaders have to be built through a leadership pipeline.

    A good leadership pipeline will help articulate the values of the church or organization and define the process required to move forward in it. However, to develop leaders at every level in the organization, to create an environment that attracts potential leaders, and to build better leaders faster, an organization needs more than a pipeline-it will need a culture that develops leaders organically.

    If your organization needs good a leadership development structure, then you’re holding the right book. Empowering Leadership details Michael’s greatest insights on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your organization-naturally, organically, continually. Continue Reading Empowering Leadership : How A Leadership Development Culture Builds Better

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  • Managing Projects In Ministry


    Learn how to apply the well-documented benefits of project management in your own church and with your own ministry endeavors! This practical resource provides the fundamentals of project management, while at the same time grounding its use with a biblical foundation. Grounded in numerous real-life case studies and supported with helpful tools, author Vincent Howell offers his years of experience in corporate and nonprofit organizations as well as his experiences with congregational ministry to explain the four phases of project management:

    Inspiration and Initiation
    Evaluating and Celebrating

    Invaluable appendices provide numerous charts, templates, and more! Also available online for free download with purchase of the book. Continue Reading Managing Projects In Ministry

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  • Understanding Church Leadership


    Who leads a church? Why is this important to God? God cares about his glory, and he means to display his glory through the church. For this very end, God has established elders and deacons, members, and congregational authority. This primer on church structure connects the different offices of the church to one another and to the glory of God. In the Church Basics Series, trusted church experts write practical, trustworthy resources on issues like Church Discipline, Church Leadership, the Lord’s Supper, and Baptism that every pastor can hand every church member. Continue Reading Understanding Church Leadership

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  • Blessed Church : The Simple Secret To Growing The Church You Love


    There’s no better place to experience God than in the loving, healthy community of a blessed church.

    There’s no better place to experience God than in the loving, healthy community of a blessed church.

    In The Blessed Church: The Simple Secret to Growing the Church You Love, Robert Morris explains why Gateway Church is one of America’s, largest, fastest-growing, exciting, and spiritually enriching local churches. This related next chapter to his best-selling The Blessed Life explains to church leader and lay person alike the qualities that make church work in the 21st century. Author Morris shows how every key component of the church can receive God’s richest blessings-vision/mission, church government, preaching-teaching, worship, small groups, giving, outreach, and more. Rather than bemoaning the decline and problems of the contemporary evangelical church, The Blessed Church explains how to seize opporunities in today’s changing and challenging spiritual environment. Continue Reading Blessed Church : The Simple Secret To Growing The Church You Love

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  • Decently And In Order


    This book is a detailed practical guide to New Testament church government and the office of the pastor. Pastor Bob Yandian examines the many questions and varying opinions regarding the local church in the light of the Bible. This book has been referred to as a pastor’s bible, but the principles of ministry it sets forth are essential for every believer. Subjects that are covered in this book include:

    How God moves in a body of believers
    The reasons Christians are promoted
    The various offices of the local church
    The qualities of a successful leader
    The degree of authority pastors should have

    Continue Reading Decently And In Order

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  • How Jesus Runs The Church


    1. What Is The Church
    2. The Government Of The Church
    3. The Power Of The Church
    4. The Offices Of The Church
    5. The Courts Of The Church
    6. Conclusion
    7. Church Government: A Select And Annotated Bibliography
    Index Of Scripture
    Index Of Subjects And Names

    Additional Info
    There are many fine books available on the offices of church leadership. Few, if any, address for a contemporary audience the biblical foundations of the government of the church. But this should be a priority for us, because God emphasizes the government of his church throughout Scripture. Why should we be church members? How do church officers reflect Jesus’ reign over us? Where do the church’s responsibilities begin and end? Where do ours? These, and other important questions, are answered in Guy Prentiss Water’s vital examination of How Jesus Runs the Church. At a time when church authority is treated with contempt, it’s important that we honor God in our churches more than ever.

    Continue Reading How Jesus Runs The Church

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  • In Search Of Timothy Workbook (Workbook)


    The In Search of Timothy series by Tony Cooke explores the roles of Timothy and other biblical figures who accomplished the plan of God by serving others. This teaching series is specifically targeted to help you become the servant, worker, and leader in the Body of Christ that God intends you to be. This workbook corresponds directly to the textbook, CDs, and DVDs in the In Search of Timothy Complete Leadership Training Course.
    Continue Reading In Search Of Timothy Workbook (Workbook)

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  • Culture Of Honor


    In this powerful, revelation-packed book, Danny Silk describes the significant paradigm shift in church life, government, and relationships that has created and sustained the revival culture at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

    Through many relevant and true-life stories, the church is revealed as a place of freedom, respect, empowerment, and healthy discipline (not punishment). Culture of Honor challenges the status quo of church leadership structure and presents a refreshing view of the five-fold ministry.

    Jesus acknowledged this important principle in Matthew 20:25-26:

    But Jesus called them to Himself and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.’

    If those with power learn how to empower those around them, then surely it will come to pass that, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    You can apply-today-the truths revealed in this practical yet supernaturally charged set of principles to relationships in your family, workplace, community, ministry, church-wherever you deal with others.
    Continue Reading Culture Of Honor

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  • Ushering 101 : The Complete Handbook Of Ushering For The Local Church


    Ushering in the local church is much more than just shaking hands and passing offering plates. Fulfilling your role as an usher is just as important to the body of Christ as that of a prophet, teacher or evangelist.

    This book covers both the biblical and the practical aspects of church ushering. Buddy Bell, founder of Ministry of Helps International, combines humor with informative teaching to help you become more effective in your ministry. You will be challenged to serve with excellence as you learn the following:
    The scriptural role of ushering
    Leadership by example
    The legal do’s and don’ts of ushering
    The responsibilities of the head usher
    Plus much more! Continue Reading Ushering 101 : The Complete Handbook Of Ushering For The Local Church

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  • Understanding The Fivefold Ministry


    The ministry gifts are alive and well today! When Jesus ascended to heaven, He left gifts behind: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. But their operation has often been surrounded by neglect, confusion, and outright controversy. Jack Hayford, Ted Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, Reinhard Bonnke, C. Peter Wagner, Fuchsia Pickett, Tommy Barnett, and many others combine decades of experience, reflection, and biblical study to uncover the true purpose for the fivefold ministry.

    Find answers to these questions regarding the release and shepherding of the fivefold minstry:
    Who are the modern-day apostles, and why does the church still need them?
    What are the marks of an authentic prophet, and how should we judge prophecy?
    How do you know if you’re called to be an evangelist, and what’s the most effective method for leading an unbeliever to Christ?
    Why are teachers so influential, and how do we discern false doctrine?
    What is the role of the pastor in the twenty-first century, and how is it changing?
    How do the five ministry gifts cooperate in thelocal church, and who’s in charge when all five are active?
    God is building His body around the world in the most unexpected ways through the most unexpected people. Take a self-test to find out where your gifts lie and what area of ministry God may have custome-designed you for.
    Continue Reading Understanding The Fivefold Ministry

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  • In Search Of Timothy


    This 246-page book written by Tony Cooke explains how you were created by God to make a significant impact in helping your local church. Continue Reading In Search Of Timothy

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  • Heart Of A Servant Leader


    These letters by a seasoned, influential pastor address a variety of ministry issues, as well as physical suffering, overcoming sin, learning to forgive, spiritual warfare, etc. We learn that a leader should be the cheif servant, and that right attitudes come only from a heart changed by an encounter with God. Continue Reading Heart Of A Servant Leader

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