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  • Jesus VR The Life Of Christ


    Jesus VR includes the VR glasses + the app, which is comprised of 14 chapters from the Bible, with nearly 80 minutes of content for iPhone and Android devices (requires free download from the app stores). Designed to bring the viewer closer to Christ than ever before, this technology transports viewers back in time to witness the life of Christ first hand. With 360 videos, the viewer is at the center of the film and chooses which direction to look, making it a truly immersive experience and one that won’t soon be forgotten.

    *Includes the VR glasses + app for the iOS and Android
    *Features an 80 minute 360 movie comprised of 14 chapters from the Bible
    *Headphones recommended for best experience
    *Works with smart phone screen sizes between 4-6.5inches
    *Samsung S8, Samsung S9, Samsung Note 9, Google Pixel 2,Google Pixel 2XL, *Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X/XR/XS
    *Requires free download of app from app stores (iTunes, Google Play)

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  • Inside Noahs Ark


    Reveals ancient technology and systems sustainable for the Ark!

    How critical issues of fresh water and waste removal are solved
    Labor-saving minimal designs to aid in the care of the animal kinds
    Simple tools and strategies for repairs and maintenance of the Ark itself

    The new Ark Encounter represents more than just a giant wooden ship – it reveals important details on how the systems within the Ark could have worked! Refuting the most common arguments against the viability of the Ark, we learn how ancient knowledge of bamboo pipes, cisterns, gears, ropes and pulleys, animal-powered machines, and more show how the ship was not just seaworthy, but an actual working vessel. The book also explores how a crew of just eight people could have housed, fed, and watered all of the representatives of the animal kinds.

    The Ark Encounter will include over 130 exhibit bays within the ship that share Christian teaching and ship details, the designs of which have been done by a world-renowned designer whose work has also been showcased at theme parks like Universal Studios in Florida, and constructed with the highest quality.

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  • Quest For Discovery


    In 1985, researchers found Titanic resting on the ocean floor, and the international buzz continues. Now, is there evidence that the world’s other famous ship is perched on the snowy slopes of Turkey’s Mt. Ararat? Is Noah’s ark myth or reality? Veteran explorer Richard Bright has spent two decades investigating the claims for the wooden vessel mentioned in the Bible. Over a dozen expeditions to the site and countless hours in research make Bright an authority on the ship Genesis says preserved the lives of eight humans and a cargo of animals during a global cataclysm. This incredible book details the dramatic climbs, political intrigue, and sheer danger involved in a quest for the greatest archaeological treasure of all time. Never-before-seen photographs, expedition accounts, and persuasive evidences point to a massive, manmade object hidden on remote Mt. Ararat. Read this book and make up your own mind.

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