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  • Practicas De La Predicacion Cr


    Leading homiletician Jared Alacntara offers a Spanish edition of his practice-centered, intentionally collaborative, technologically innovative, next-generation introductory preaching textbook.

    The English edition broke new ground by adopting a practice-based approach to teaching preaching and by using innovative technological delivery to enhance the educational experience of learners. Now Alcantara brings his unique approach to Spanish-speaking pastors in training, Spanish-language Bible institutes, and bilingual classrooms.

    Alcantara introduces the basics of Christian preaching and emphasizes the skills preachers can cultivate throughout their lives. The book features the perspectives of a diverse team of collaborators, helping preachers stay attuned to the multicultural world we inhabit. Call-outs direct readers to a companion website for further information or practice. The online resources include audio and video sermons, video responses from the author, and contributions from collaborators. These ancillary materials are available in either English or Spanish, with reciprocal subtitles, to facilitate a variety of educational uses. Continue Reading Practicas De La Predicacion Cr

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  • Preachers Dare : Speaking For God


    Preachers Dare is adapted from Will Willimon’s Lyman Beecher Lectures on Preaching at Yale and is inspired by a quote from the great theologian Karl Barth. In a world in which sermons too often become hackneyed conventional wisdom or tame common sense, preachers dare to speak about the God who speaks to us as Jesus Christ. Willimon draws upon his decades of preaching, as well as his many books on the practice of homiletics, to present a bold theology of preaching. This work emphasizes preaching as a distinctively theological endeavor that begins with and is enabled by God. God speaks, preachers dare to speak the speech of God, and the church dares to listen. By moving from the biblical text to the contemporary context, preachers dare to speak up for God so that God might speak today. With fresh biblical insights, creativity and pointed humor, Willimon gives today’s preachers and congregations encouragement to speak with the God who has so graciously and effusively spoken to us. Continue Reading Preachers Dare : Speaking For God

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  • George Buttricks Guide To Preaching The Gospel


    Does the preacher now impress us as a ‘legate of the skies’? To many he is a pathetic figure, an anachronism, a stage-joke-an inoffensive little person jostled by the crowd, and wearing the expression of a startled rabbit. With one hand he holds a circular hat on a bewildered head and with the other desperately clutches an umbrella. The crowd pushes him from the sidewalk; the traffic shoots him back into the crowd. Some curse him; a few laugh; most are unaware of his existence. (George Buttrick, Lyman Beecher Lectures, 1931).

    Whether we need preaching has been asked for hundreds of years, long before an age of media saturation from streaming 24-hour news, entertainment, politics, and sports. This question hounded George Buttrick, one of the most profound preachers of the twentieth century and often compared with Billy Graham. Buttrick offers a compelling answer to the question, but his answer remained hidden for 40 years until now.

    In George Buttrick’s Guide to Preaching the Gospel, we learn why the world needs competent preachers, what the preacher must preach about, and how the preacher goes about creating the sermon with daily discipline and several practiced skills, including research, charting, outlining, writing, and performance. These writings have never been published before and were found by his grandchildren after his death. A brief biography of Buttrick introduces this master orator and professor to reader who do not know his work. Continue Reading George Buttricks Guide To Preaching The Gospel

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  • Art Of Eloquence


    During his lifetime, Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor was hailed by TIME magazine as the dean of America’s black preachers. Newsweek honored him as one of the 12 greatest preachers in the English-speaking world. A civil rights leader, a Presidential Medal of Honor recipient, and a longtime pastor, Taylor was called the poet laureate of American Protestantism. In this critical volume, scholar and pastor Joseph Evans analyzes the art of Taylor’s preaching according to the five classical canons of rhetoric, celebrating in particular his excellence in narrative eloquence, which was the heart of his persuasive proclamation. Through a close reading of Taylor’s sermons and careful scholarship in the discipline of rhetoric, Evans provides homileticians and rhetoricians alike with an incisive and accessible understanding of the oratorical brilliance of the man whose eloquence transcended theological boundaries and sociopolitical and cultural constructs. Continue Reading Art Of Eloquence

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  • Como Preparar Y Predicar Mejor


    Tras analizar muchos sermones ajenos y propios, el autor, descubre que hay una epidemia que ha estado matando la predicacion de la iglesia durante decadas: la frialdad, la abstraccion, la entretencion, el espectaculo y el academicismo desabrido. Como descubrir, entonces, el secreto para transformar sermones comunes y aburridos en sermones extraordinarios? Como elaborarlos? El Reverendo Galvez, despues de servir muchos aos en el Ministerio de La Palabra, consigue elaborar y predicar sermones destacados. Procurando construir un buen titulo en cada sermon, una acertada introduccion, divisiones solidas, cuerpo y formas de contornos definidos, con unidad coherente en las diferentes partes del sermon, destacando las verdades esenciales, trasladandolas de manera sencilla, interesante, entendible, creible, con pasion, conviccion, dependiendo del auxilio del Espiritu Santo. Continue Reading Como Preparar Y Predicar Mejor

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  • Abingdon Preaching Annual 2021


    The Abingdon Preaching Annual is lectionary-based and follows the calendar year (January – December). Each week’s entry includes Primary Theme, Secondary Themes and Worship Helps. The volume also includes essays on preaching topics, full sermons, and sermon series ideas. The Abingdon Preaching Annual is designed to stir the preacher’s imagination; offer fresh, intriguing ideas; and point the preacher in a good direction. Continue Reading Abingdon Preaching Annual 2021

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  • Surviving A Dangerous Sermon


    Preachers increasingly see the need to deliver sermons that are dangerous in a variety of ways: the way they challenge hearers’ comfort levels and challenge established powers and hierarchies. Author Frank Thomas helps readers understand those dangers–especially the forces of power and hierarchy that are so intrinsic in our everyday lives and in society as a whole. He teaches how to anticipate and navigate those forces, to open opportunities for dangerous preaching, and to mitigate negative impact on congregants, the preacher, and the preacher-congregation relationships.

    Surviving a Dangerous Sermon is a logical follow-up to Thomas’s previous book, How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon. It equips preachers to say what must be said, in a way that it is heard, so that the sermon has a chance to do its work on human hearts, without negative consequences. Continue Reading Surviving A Dangerous Sermon

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  • Intentional Preaching : A View From The Pew


    Intentional Preaching, written by Meirwyn Walters, is the handy guide that every preacher needs. In preparing and delivering their sermons, preachers make dozens of decisions, some intentionally, many perhaps less so. Why not make thoughtful decisions for everything that goes into preaching a good sermon? From first words to hand gestures, choosing a text, masterful use of exegesis, captivating illustrations, titles, approaches to reading Scripture, use of voice, PowerPoint, applications that stick, and scores of other aspects of sermon preparation and delivery, this book explores the panoply of elements in good preaching. Targeted at preachers, the book consists of 117 squiblets ranging from a sentence to three or four pages, each on a particular aspect of preaching. Some are quite short, offering practical wisdom, some provide specific advice and tools, and some contain vignettes from the field. In this delightful and sage book, there is something for every preacher to improve his or her preaching. Continue Reading Intentional Preaching : A View From The Pew

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  • Whole Counsel Of God


    Expository preaching has been on the rise over the last five decades, with more and more pastors preaching through entire books of the Bible systematically. But few, if any, preachers have a long-term plan to teach every book of the Bible over a lifetime of ministry. Since the whole Bible is God’s Word to his people, all of Scripture is important for congregations to hear in order to grow as Christians. Written to make a case for the necessity of a long-term plan for preaching through the entire Bible instead of just randomly through individual books, this is not a book on how to preach, but rather on how to plan and prepare long-range preaching programs through the whole counsel of God. Continue Reading Whole Counsel Of God

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  • Predicacion


    Esta obra tiene como trasfondo el mundo de habla hispana y esta dirigido a las personas de todos los niveles academicos de nuestro continente. Lo que ensea en este libro el Dr. Sanchez son lecciones vitales que vienen respaldadas por resultados concretos de su experiencia ministerial desde el pulpito, de su experiencia como profesor de homiletica y de su cualidad como buen oyente, primera facultad que caracteriza a todo verdadero predicador.

    This work has as background the Spanish-speaking world and is aimed at people of all academic levels on our continent. What Dr. Sanchez teaches in this book are vital lessons that are supported by concrete results of his ministerial experience from the pulpit, of his experience as a homiletics teacher and of his quality as a good listener, the first faculty that characterizes all true preachers. Continue Reading Predicacion

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  • Say It : Celebrating Expository Preaching In The African American Tradition


    Expository preaching and African American style are partners, not enemies.

    Sadly, seminaries often function under the assumption that the African American preaching tradition is incompatible with expository preaching. They tend to believe that preachers who truly care about the text preach as white preachers traditionally have. This viewpoint is not only incorrect, but harmful. African Americans have a strong legacy of poignant, timely, impassioned preaching that is faithful to the text and reveals truth, justice, and power. In Say It! celebrated African American preachers teach young pastors how to do expository preaching in the African American style.

    Each chapter walks you through a sermon from a different African American pastor. That pastor will walk you through you his notes, his final manuscript, and explain how it all came together.

    This is an important and powerful resource for pastors and seminaries across the country, celebrating an often overlooked expression of faithful, biblical preaching. Continue Reading Say It : Celebrating Expository Preaching In The African American Tradition

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  • From And Before God


    Imagine this scene. You are standing in the pulpit of your church preaching on a Sunday morning. Without your knowledge, the Lord Jesus himself is sitting in the last row, listening attentively to what you’re saying. How would this reality impact your preaching?

    The truth is that this is no mere illustration: the Lord is present in His churches every Sunday, listening to the preaching of His Word.

    The apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 2:17 that ministers are to preach as from God and before God. Those who preach God’s Word are commissioned by God to preach, and they do their preaching before God, for an audience of one.

    This, according to Sugel Michelen, is the biblical foundation for expository preaching–preaching that draws out what is in the Word of God. In this work, Michelen, regarded as one of the best preachers in the Spanish-speaking church, makes a biblical case for expository preaching and models for readers how to prepare and preach as from and before God. Continue Reading From And Before God

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