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Youth Ministry

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  • Dating For Life


    In this new update of my dating for life talk I have gone back to the basics. In this new talk I answer 8 questions on dating:

    – What is dating?
    – When should I start dating?
    – Am I ready to start dating?
    – How do I start dating?
    – What are Red Flags in my dating relationships?
    – How do I find out if they are the One?
    – How do I break up?
    – What if they are the right person for me?

    Simple and practical conversations on dating for High School and Young Adults.

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  • Gospel Here And Now For Students


    Middle and high school students are at a crucial stage in their faith. Equipping them to understand what the gospel means for their lives now is more important than ever. Many of them understand that God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. They may even recall the good news of the Kingdom of God he taught about. But do they know what that means for them today? Not only do we get to spend eternity with our father in Heaven, but we have the opportunity to live a new life with Christ today!
    Gospel Here and Now for Students is a six-week series designed to share the overarching themes of the gospel and reveal our role in God’s story. The gospel message is carried through the entire Bible and is more powerful than we could ever imagine. As we work to peel back the layers and engage youth with the Bible we see it is the spirit of God revealing his life-changing love to us so that we may impact the world.

    Gospel Here and Now for Students features six biblical animations along with conversation starters, thought-provoking discussion questions, Bible study passages, and prayer guides to help immerse teens in the power of the gospel for their everyday lives.

    Ideal for youth groups or Bible studies that want to take teens deeper into living the gospel, this DVD series will inspire and encourage teens longing to see their roles in God’s big story. Gospel Here and Now for Students is part of the six-week church campaign from Our Daily Bread Ministries that was created to help believers live out the Gospel message Continue Reading Gospel Here And Now For Students

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  • Grapple Preteen Sunday School Pak Volume 6 Winter


    Help 4th-6th graders OWN their faith!

    Somewhere between leaving childhood behind and treading wide-eyed into the teenage years lurk a thousand bewildering questions. Where did God come from? How come I’m not perfect? Why doesn’t everyone go to Heaven?

    Grapple is customizable! The Grapple DVD includes a customizable Word .doc and standard .pdf files for all lessons.

    Grapple DVD includes computer-friendly video files! These videos files can be copied to a laptop or used with presentation software. We wil be providing both MPEG4 and WMF versions. The videos are also available for streaming or download at
    Grapple is undated. Grapple has a total of 8 volumes that gives you two years of content. Continue Reading Grapple Preteen Sunday School Pak Volume 6 Winter

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  • Grapple Preteen Pak Vol 5 Fall


    Grapple lessons are a fun and fearless way to search the Bible for answers and build a solid faith foundation. In this volume, 4th-6th grade students will explore these questions:
    What if someone hates me?
    Why does God let bad things happen?
    What if I’m the only one saying no?

    Discover God’s truth together with kids, and turn their awkward years in to awesome years!

    With Grapple You Get:
    12 Customizable lessons on three dynamic themes
    Thought-provoking videos and countdowns
    12 Grapple Dares that challenge kids to apply the truth they’ve learned
    1 Age level – Created for kids in Grades 4-6 (combined)
    Format – Classroom setting
    Length – 60-65 minutes, flexible options Continue Reading Grapple Preteen Pak Vol 5 Fall

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