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Anita Schmidt

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  • Good Morning God Loves You


    Award-winning, bestselling authors Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley bring your family what is sure to become a beloved and treasured classic.

    Good Morning, God Loves You is a charming, colorful, rhyming board book for families of young children. The beauty of God’s creation, as shown in words and charming illustrations, reminds children how much they are loved by God the Father. Each page reveals family members enjoying the great outdoors as they are greeted with “God loves you!” in barks, birdsong, and other nature sounds. Readers are reminded that hearing a message of God’s love is the best way to begin and celebrate each day. Families with young children will bond together as they snuggle up to read this book. They will be inspired to take a nature walk and discover other expressions of God’s love in the world he so lovingly created for us.

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  • Year Of Bible Prayers


    A Year of Bible Prayers Is Sure to Become a Storytime Favorite in Your House!

    This lovely keepsake Bible storybook for kids celebrates each month of the calendar year with four stories of prayer from God’s Word.

    Stories are arranged into themes relating to the specific month:

    *January: Protection
    *February: Blessing
    *March: Healing
    *April: Resurrection
    *May: Mothers
    *June: Fathers
    *July: Forgiveness
    *August: Victory in Battle
    *September: Silly Prayers
    *October: Wisdom
    *November: Helpless Prayers
    *December: Prayers by and about Jesus

    Each section includes four colorfully illustrated stories of Bible prayers reinforcing the monthly theme and showing kids how God works in response to the prayers of His people!

    A fun bonus section at the end of the book features a list of yearly calendar celebrations with dates and brief explanations.

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