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Annette Capps

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  • Spirit Of Prophecy


    A Supernatural Tool for End-Time Revival

    You are living in the last of the last days–a season where God is pouring out His Spirit upon believers, empowering them to walk in the greatest flood of prophetic power the earth has ever seen and usher in the end-time harvest. Are you prepared?

    Annette Capps–author, ordained minister, and daughter of well-known author and teacher, Charles Capps–invites you, the believer, into the realm of the prophetic flow of the Spirit so you can take your place in the coming revival.

    In The Spirit of Prophecy, Annette shares her own supernatural experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit and His gifts. She offers unique insight into the seemingly contradictory prophecies being given today and in the past. Also included are prophecies delivered by Charles Capps that are still speaking power and revelation to the body of Christ.

    Subjects you will learn about are…

    *How you can flow in the gifts of the Spirit
    *Shaking the devil’s kingdom
    *Reaching beyond to the Millennium
    *Sound frequencies that open prophetic winds
    *Prophecy in prayer, preaching, and music
    *Kings, prophets, and nations
    *Women in ministry
    *Counterfeit miracles

    Rise up! It’s time to get equipped with prophetic revival tools!

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  • Angels : Knowing Their Purpose Releasing Their Power


    Angels, first published in 1984, has sold over 250,000 copies. This classic message provides a foundational introduction to one of the most widespread spiritual phenomena of our age. Now with a fresh new cover design, this important book takes readers on a fascinating journey of angelic intervention in biblical times and tells how to activate angels in our modern day lives as well. Other bestsellers from world-renowned author and teacher Charles Capps include, God’s Creative Power Will Work for You, Releasing the Ability of God Through Prayer, and The Tongue, A Creative Force.

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