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Charles Swindoll

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  • Never Lose Hope


    Respected Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll opens God’s Word to help you understand how you can find hope in times of crisis.

    All of us are in desperate need of strength to endure and hope to carry on. Life is difficult and demanding. It’s often filled with pain, heartaches, setbacks, and detours. Disappointments in others sadden us, scandals among those we respect shock us, and disputes in our families, churches, or workplaces demoralize us. When such troubles strike, they can be downright devastating. But they don’t have to be!

    In Never Lose Hope, Chuck Swindoll reassures us that we can endure unexpected calamities. How? By taking our stand on the strong foundation of God’s Word. When trials and tribulations rumble in like a fleet of bulldozers to demolish our lives, we can emerge from the rubble with a strong resolve to recover and rebuild. Not just to survive, but to thrive.

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  • Life Is 10 Percent What Happens To You And 90 Percent How You React


    Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React is based on the popular quote by bestselling author Charles Swindoll. Everyone experiences obstacles and hardships, but your actions write your story. This isn’t your average self-help book.

    Reimagined from content found in Active Spirituality and Laugh Again, Swindoll teaches you how to:

    *find joy no matter what season you’re living through.
    *overcome life’s dilemmas and build inner resilience.
    *defuse disharmony and free yourself from drama.
    *maintain balance, extend grace to yourself, and be prosperous.
    *lean on your Christian faith and foundational views.

    Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React is for men and women of all ages who are tired of making excuses and assigning blame for their unhappiness. Each chapter is filled with teachings, applicable Scripture, and reflection questions.

    Swindoll isn’t promising joy or endless bliss. He is offering wisdom that will equip you with the basic fundamentals to make better decisions, which will improve your mental health and overall quality of life because he knows that life isn’t what happens to you . . . it’s how you react.

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  • Wisdom For The Way Large Text Leathersoft


    Are you looking for more strength, balance, and insight in your life? These are a by-product of wisdom and provide us with the ability to cope with all extremes of life–the highs and the lows. Beloved pastor Charles Swindoll understands that the more we learn about God’s wisdom, the more strength we gain to handle the questions and the tension in our lives.

    In a world full of busyness and uncertainty, Swindoll offers insights for daily living and how to apply his teachings in practical, relevant, and encouraging ways. Wisdom for the Way is a 365-day collection of some of Swindoll’s most meaningful insights, as taught on his radio show, Insight for Living, in bite-size daily readings.

    With 365 days of meditations from the book of Proverbs, Swindoll shares wise words for busy people on topics such as contentment, character, work, and worship. Both men and women will enjoy:

    *Brief, meaningful devotions that give relevant, biblical advice in just a few minutes a day

    *Wise words gleaned from the book of Proverbs to help when you are feeling busy and overwhelmed

    *Inspiration to help you grow in your faith

    *Deluxe leathersoft format with ribbon marker and lines for reflection

    With more than 400,000 copies sold, Wisdom for the Way is a timeless devotional that makes a wonderful gift or self-purchase for men and women who want to learn more about biblical wisdom and how they can use it in their day-to-day lives. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, church member dedications, and for a beloved teacher or pastor.

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  • Jesus : The Greatest Life Of All


    Jesus Christ. He is, without question, the most influential person in history. Millions of people claim the truths of the religion that bears His name. But who exactly is Jesus? A popular religious teacher? An ancient martyr? Many today are unsure. Even scholars debate whether the Jesus of history is the Christ of faith. Now, more than ever, we need a clear understanding of the person and work of the man millions call Savior. In this ninth and final biographical study in the best-selling Great Lives from God’s Word series, beloved pastor and Bible teacher Charles Swindoll introduces you to the carpenter from Nazareth as you have never seen Him before.

    This fascinating biography, filled with biblical and historical insights, takes you on an unforgettable journey through the complex and provocative life of Jesus of Nazareth. His unique birth. His astonishing power. His controversial teaching. His shocking death. And His world-changing resurrection.

    Refreshingly honest and deep, this in-depth profile reveals Jesus with great clarity and offers practical applications for your own life. Whether you’re just curious about Jesus or a longtime follower of His life and teachings, you’ll experience His life in a new way as you join Dr. Swindoll in Jesus: The Greatest Life of All.

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