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Chris Oyakhilome

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  • Rhapsody Of Realities Topical Compendium Volume 5


    The Rhapsody Of Realities Topical Compendium Series are comprehensive reference materials that have enhanced word based training among Christians. These series are renowned with inspiring articles that articulate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, and it’s therefore an important tool for the spiritual development of god’s children.

    The rhapsody of realities topical compendium volume 5 is the newest instalment in this series of compilations of choice articles by Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. What’s more, the articles in this volume have been organized under exciting chapters such as:
    – the acts of God
    – the efficacy of God’s Word
    – the lordship of Jesus Christ
    – the Holy Spirit and you
    – the mindset of the just
    – the ministry of reconciliation
    – the glory – life
    – the authority of believers
    – divine benefits

    This is a sure complete resource book, that guarantees your profound walk with the lord through fellowship with his word.

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  • How To Pray Effectively 1 (Unabridged) (Audio CD)


    CD Audio Book of The Famous HOW TO PRAY EFECTIVELY VOLUME1 By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Love World Ministries Christ Embassy.

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  • My Faith Confessions


    My faith Confession is a colourfully illustrated confession book for children. It’s filled with Bible based confessions that will help children learn the importance of the principle of saying what God has said about them.
    It’s a one-stop resource material that will inspire, sustain and build in children the culture of confession faith-filled words that would launch them into a glorious future.

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  • Healing From Heaven 2


    Through these testimonies, you ‘ll see the realities of the power of our resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You’ll also find the teachings on faith motivating and practicable as Pastor Chris shares with you the same principles of Faith put to work by the testifiers and encourages you to activate your faith for your own miracle. As you read, open your heart and let the Holy spirit touch you. The power of the Lord is mightily present to heal, and not only will you receive Healing from Heaven, you ‘ll also learn to walk in health and bring healing to others.

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  • Dont Stop Here


    Ignorance of God’s Word is a destroyer. God said, “My people are destroyed (that is they perish, suffer, are brought down and crushed) for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6).

    In other words, they are impoverished, punished, brought down, crushed and destroyed because they lack knowledge spiritual knowledge They get into trouble for their lack of knowledge (Isaiah 5:13).

    I can’t understand a Christian who wants to grow in the things of God but doesn’t invest in spiritual things Some Christians have a library of worldly home videos; they can be described as ‘champions in worldly video collections’ If you’re that way, you’re known in Heaven as a carnal Christian; and if you want to see the glory of God in your life, then you must put a stop to it. You’ve got to change. You can’t keep collecting such things and still expect to grow in God.

    Remember that your life is the character of the things you watch, read and listen to. Make no mistakes about it; what you are today is an expression of what you put into you yesterday! Your life today is therefore the result of the things you’ve been feeding your inner man on.

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  • Gates Of Zion


    God has called you to a life of progress, success and victory! He has designed for you to experience consistent growth in your life.In this prophetic book, Pastor Chris takes you through the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem as symbolic of God’s pattern for building His church. Not only will you experience the glory of God as you read, more importantly, you will reflect His glory in your life.

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  • Promised Land


    This book is a classic exposition of the Christian life. It provides Bible-based answers to a lot of questions, and provides explanations needed to live a constantly victorious life.

    Every page is filled with divine truths. You will need to read “The Promised Land” again and again. It is a must for every Christian, every minister and every serious student of the Bible.

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  • How To Pray Effectively Volume 1


    God’s earnest desire is to have a rich, vibrant, and enduring fellowship with His children; but how can we enjoy such communion with all its blessings and benefits if we don’t know how to pray effectively? With a refreshing blend of sound scriptural exposition and practical anecdotes, best-selling author Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, in this insightful classic shares with you vital principles of effective prayer. This first volume will establish for you a clear understanding of the rules of different prayers for different situations and how to apply them for your desired outcome.

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