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Chris Shook

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  • 1 Month To Love


    A 30-day program to help people repair and deepen the relationships in their lives, One Month to Love is based on a simple concept for everyone from teens to adults-that everything we’re taught about relationships is wrong.

    Everything you’ve been taught about relationships is wrong.

    The movies and TV make it look easy. Matchmaking Web sites have it down to a science. Two people connect-love at first sight-and the relationship is magical from then on. But the truth is, strong, deep relationships that last a lifetime aren’t based on the mysterious chemistry of two personalities. Real love in relationships-friends, married couples, siblings, parents-isn’t a magic act. It’s a journey. A great relationship grows from an investment of time and effort.

    Kerry and Chris Shook know that deep relationships aren’t built on initial attractions, but on last things-the experience you shared the last time you were with someone…the words you spoke with her last week…the effort you made for him the last time you were together. And Love at Last Sight offers a one-month relationship plan that will improve your most important bonds, including a weekly focus and daily readings that guide you through the process. By learning to be present in the moment, acting intentionally, risking awkwardness, and learning to let go, you’ll discover wisdom from the Bible that contradicts what popular culture would have you believe.

    Meaningful relationships depend on seeing other people as they are, so that the last time your eyes meet on this earth, your relationship will be closer and deeper than ever before. Love at Last Sight is the last book you’ll need to get your dearest relationships right.

    Another life-changing book from Kerry and Chris Shook
    Authors of the best-selling One Month to Live

    Your closest relationships will naturally drift apart over time. And chances are, right now, one or more of your most important relationships is less than what you wish it could be.

    Now you can change everything and take steps to reconnect with the people who really matter-and we don’t mean by connecting on Facebook! This thirty-day program guides you step-by-step to deeper, more satisfying relationships by developing four forgotten but powerful relational arts for changing, improving, and repairing the relationships you care about most:

    Week 1 – The Art of Being All There
    Week 2 – The Art of Acting Intentionally
    Week 3 – The Art of Risking Awkwardness
    Week 4

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