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  • Every Moment Holy Volume 3


    EVERY MOMENT HOLY, Vol. 3: The WORK OF THE PEOPLE is a book of liturgies for daily moments across all walks of life. Drawing on a range of writers, artists, poets, songwriters, and pastors (with Douglas Kaine McKelvey both writing and editing), this collection represents a community of believers engaged in the work of reminding all of us that our lives are shot through with sacred purpose and eternal hopes even in the midst of the everyday moments that make up our lives.

    -nearly 100 new liturgies for daily life
    -beautiful leather-bound hardcover
    -new illustrations by Ned Bustard and others
    -silk bookmark
    -gilded edges

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  • 180 Devocionales Para Un Dia M – (Spanish)


    Make Today Your Very Best Day with These 180 Inspiring Devotions!

    Good days have many things in common: joy, blessings, wonder, delight, contentment. . .but the very best days are those that include God in the details. 180 Devotions for Your Best Day provides much-needed encouragement and inspiration for your soul. With each turn of the page, you will encounter faith-building, biblically based devotions and related scripture selections. Touching on topics like stress, joy, emotions, rest, relationships, freedom, and more, these 180 readings will help you discover that your very best day always begins–and ends–in conversation with your heavenly Father.

    Haz que este sea tu mejor dia con estos 180 inspiradores devocionales

    Los dias buenos tienen muchas cosas en comun: alegria, bendiciones, asombro, deleite, satisfaccion… pero los dias mejores son los que incluyen a Dios en los detalles. 180 devocionales para un dia mejor proporciona el aliento y la inspiracion que tu alma tanto necesita. Al pasar cada pagina, encontraras devocionales de base biblica que fortalecen la fe y selecciones relacionadas de las Escrituras. Estas 180 lecturas, que tocan temas como el estres, la alegria, las emociones, el descanso, las relaciones, la libertad y otros, te ayudaran a descubrir que tu mejor dia siempre comienza –y termina– en una conversacion con tu Padre celestial.

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  • Apples Of Gold


    Being a good leader isn’t easy. It requires courage, humility, integrity, and compassion. Jesus spoke of true leadership as having the ability to be a remarkable servant. To be a successful leader, you must determine to follow the example of Christ no matter how difficult. There will be a cost. You may be scrutinized, wrongly accused, and pushed toward exhaustion, but take heart; there is a reward waiting for you if you do not give up. And it will be worth it.

    Apples of Gold is a daily devotional for leaders like you. As you read these inspiring meditations, Scriptures, and prayers, be encouraged that God is for you, and he will give you everything you need to face the challenges you encounter each day. Rest for a moment in his presence and let his grace and peace wash over you. Out of the abundance of his love and wisdom, you will find the strength to persevere in your service to others.


    *High-grade faux leather provides durability and exquisite tactile appeal.

    *Heat debossing on faux leather darkens its color, giving the cover a two-tone appearance and creating indentation which shows off the intricate design and varied texture.

    *Metallic and matte foil finishing touches are elegantly placed to enhance certain features, capturing attention and adding class for an aesthetic appeal.

    *Sturdy Smyth-sewn binding stitches book signatures together creating durability and allowing pages to lay flat when open. Decorative head and foot bands are also added to further complement the overall design.

    *Matte art high quality paper with a smooth satin touch provides long-lasting vivid coloration and durability.

    *A beautiful satin ribbon marker conveniently keeps your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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  • Weekly Habits Project


    Celebrate progress over perfection with this beautiful year-long guided journal to build life-giving habits, set achievable goals, and enjoy spiritual growth with each grace-filled step forward.

    Over the next 52 weeks, you’ll build the spiritual, mental, and emotional habits you’ve been longing to cultivate. Reflection prompts and calming imagery provide a compassionate place for you to set and celebrate goals related to time, prayer, technology, fears, discouragement, and relationships.

    Each entry in The Weekly Habits Project includes:

    *A practical theme to focus on for godly growth
    *A short but powerful Bible verse for reflection and meditation
    *Inspiration to guide your thoughts and jumpstart your habit project
    *Journaling prompts and room to chronicle your journey toward real, lasting change

    This guided journal:

    *Showcases colorful photography and gentle watercolors
    *Has a beautiful ribbon marker so you never lose your place
    *Provides ample room for journaling
    *Fits on a nightstand, in a tote bag, or inside a gift basket
    *Is perfect for New Year’s goal setting or starting new habits any time of year
    *Makes a great gift for you or a friend in a new season of life or for anyone who enjoys the *Weekly Project series

    Check out the rest of the series: The Weekly Prayer Project, The Weekly Faith Project, The Weekly Gratitude Project, The Weekly Self-Care Project, and The Weekly Purpose Project.

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  • Poder De La Vision (Abridged) – (Spanish) (Abridged)


    Ya seas un ejecutivo de negocios, un gerente departamental, un empleado, una ama de casa, un estudiante o el gobernante de un estado, el autor de exitos de ventas Myles Munroe explica como puedes hacer realidad tus esperanzas y sueos.

    Mediante El poder de la vision podras…

    *Descubrir tu proposito en la vida.
    *Entender por que la vision es esencial para tu exito.
    *Comprender las claves necesarias para cumplir el sueo de tu vida.
    *Desarrollar un plan especifico para alcanzar tu vision.
    *Vencer obstaculos para tu vision.

    Tu exito no depende del estado de la economia, de que carreras profesionales estan en demanda en la actualidad, o de como es el mercado de trabajo. No tienes que verte obstaculizado por lo que la gente te cree capaz o por una falta de recursos. Este libro proporciona principios probados por el tiempo, que te capacitaran para llevar a cabo tu vision sin importar quien seas o de donde provengas.

    No fuiste creado para una vida mediocre o rutinaria. No existes solamente para ganarte la vida. Revive tu pasion por vivir. Persigue tu sueo. Descubre tu vision y encuentra tu verdadera vida.

    Whether you are a businessperson, a departmental manager, an employee, a homemaker, a student, or a head of state, best-selling author Myles Munroe explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality.

    *Through Vision Principles, you will…
    *Discover your purpose in life.
    *Understand why vision is essential to your success.
    *Grasp the necessary keys for fulfilling your life’s dream.
    *Develop a specific plan for achieving your vision.
    *Overcome obstacles to your vision.

    Your success is not dependent on the state of the economy, what careers are currently in demand, or what the job market is like. You do not need to be hindered by what people think you are capable of or a lack of resources. This book provides you with time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from.

    You were not meant for a mundane or mediocre life. You do not exist just to earn a paycheck. Revive your passion for living. Pursue your dream. Discover your vision–and find your true life.

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  • Diablo No Prevalecera – (Spanish)


    Vivimos en una era sin precedentes de distraccion y tentacion. No puedes levantar tu telefono, encender tu televisor o salir por la puerta sin ser bombardeado con imagenes y mensajes de placeres y actividades mundanas.

    En esta compilacion de enseanzas nunca antes publicada, A.W. Tozer ofrece una vision penetrante y una aplicacion practica para ayudarte a tomar decisiones que honren a Dios, y den vida en una cultura que valora lo que es malo. Aprenderas a

    – reconocer las tacticas del enemigo,
    – resistir la tentacion,
    – impedir que el diablo se aproveche de ti, y
    – caminar de cerca y confiadamente con Dios.

    La vanidad de este mundo es grande, pero nosotros servimos a un Dios aun mayor. Aqui esta la sabiduria y el conocimiento biblico que necesitas para resistir al diablo y mantenerte firme en tierra santa.

    We live in an unprecedented era of distraction and temptation. You can’t pick up your phone, turn on your television, or walk out your door without being bombarded with images and messages of worldly pleasures and pursuits.

    In this never-before-published compilation of teachings, A. W. Tozer offers piercing insight and practical application to help you make God-honoring, life-giving decisions in a culture that prizes what is evil. You will learn how to:

    *recognize the tactics of the enemy
    *resist temptation
    *prevent the devil from taking advantage of you
    *walk closely and confidently with God

    The vanity of this world is great, but we serve a God greater still. Here is the wisdom and biblical insight you need to resist the devil and stand firm on holy ground.

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  • Daily Devotional Minutes For Men


    Man of God, your Father is always with you to guide, protect, and encourage.

    Steel your soul with these wonderful truths (and more!) as you read through 365 days of powerful, inspiring devotions. Each turn of the page reveals a thoughtful devotional that can be read in just 60 seconds alongside a related scripture selection and prayer starter, guaranteed to challenge and comfort your heart every day of the year.

    Here are readings for every day of the year, featuring both contemporary devotions and classics from the likes of Charles Spurgeon, Matthew Henry, John Wesley, and D. L. Moody.
    Spend daily time with these devotions, where you’ll encounter the wisdom, strength, and courage of your Creator–who longs to impart His goodness to you.

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  • Landscape Of Hope


    The world is noisy and disorientating. Our hearts need beauty and truth.

    Heather Holdsworth experienced the death of her father followed shortly by the death of her mother. A few years later she battled a sickness that left her without the strength to stand, walk, or even speak. She opened the book of Psalms. She began writing. And from her writing emerged drawings that brought solace to her soul.

    Through the medium of art and words, artist and Bible teacher Heather Holdsworth shares an illustrated journey into the Psalms. Landscape of Hope takes passages that have become familiar-perhaps too familiar-and reveals their soul-strengthening, heart-restoring power. Through artwork and teaching, readers find themselves deeply engaging with the Bible and our beautiful triune God.

    Heather invites us to come alongside her in discovering the artistry, symmetry, and wonder of Scripture. Readers experience the presence of Jesus Christ as they engage with the truth of life’s fragility and the fortifying hope of the gospel.

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  • Transformed By The Trinity


    Know Him by His Names–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

    Experience the wonder and peace that accompanies knowing God. In Transformed by the Trinity, bestselling author and pastor Dr. Tony Evans draws on key insights from his past writing on the names of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to create this powerful keepsake devotional.

    Designed to help you grow in faith, each entry walks you through a different name of one of the Persons of the Trinity. You’ll discover what each title communicates about God’s character alongside how this piece of his identity impacts you today. These devotions will enrich your relationship with the triune God as you encounter His power in every area of your life.

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  • Our Faithful God Devotional


    The bestselling author of Kisses from Katie takes you on a journey through Scripture to discover more about who God is and how much He loves you, in 52 weeks of power-packed devotional readings.

    In a world of uncertainty, we can find peace in knowing that the God who carried His people through the desert, the God who calmed the seas, the God who promised His presence, is still our God today.

    In this unique five-day-a-week devotional, featuring a flexible format that adapts to your schedule, Katie Davis Majors invites you into a yearlong experience of immersing yourself in the truth of who God is. As Katie has discovered, the more time we spend understanding the richness, beauty, and kindness of God, the more quickly our hearts turn toward Him with our needs and our secrets, our hurts and our longings.

    Our Faithful God Devotional will help you draw daily closer to the One who sees you, who loves you, and who holds each moment in His hands.

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  • Savor : A 365-Day Devotional For Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Ar


    Reflect, pray, and cook with New York Times bestselling author Shauna Niequist. Savor is a 365-day devotional that helps you soak up the goodness all around you, be aware of holy fingerprints everywhere, and walk through each day cherishing those glints of the divine in the daily. Come and pause in these pages, day by day, and attune your senses to the fullness and presence of God all day long–whether that’s a hug, a tomato sandwich, a quiet moment, or a text from a loved one. Savor teaches:

    *To savor each day, whatever it holds–work and play, meals and prayers, the good stuff and the hard stuff

    *Life is all about relationships, and your daily relationship with God is worth savoring in every moment

    *Recipes from Shauna’s kitchen to enjoy around a table with your community

    Inside you’ll find:

    *21 delicious recipes, from summer salads to French toast to fondue

    *365 devotions–each devotion includes a short Bible passage, an insightful story from Shauna, and a thoughtful prompt to help you live out your faith

    *A ribbon marker to help you keep your place

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  • Path Through Pain


    In the midst of deep pain, how can you move forward?

    Most of us spend our lives avoiding pain at every turn, so when we inevitably experience it, it sends us into a tailspin. We begin to question why God doesn’t stop bad things from happening, if there’s significance in our pain, and whether or not God is truly worthy of our trust or actually cares about us.

    Ed and Lisa Young, bestselling authors and pastors of Fellowship Church, know the kind of pain most of us hope never to experience–the death of a child. With refreshing vulnerability and power, A Path through Pain shares their family’s journey from sorrow and anger to hope and healing after the tragic and sudden loss of their daughter. As they share their incredible perspective, they will inspire and equip you to:

    *See God’s presence, love, and care in the middle of your suffering
    *Believe that there is purpose in your pain, even if you can’t see that purpose yet
    *Rebuild your life after a season of pain
    *Restore your trust in God and the world you live in

    God really does care for us, and in the darkest of places, his light still shines to show us a way through.

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  • How To Read The Bible


    As fewer Christians read the Bible daily, fewer understand what a marvelous revelation it is from God to man. How to Read the Bible (as If Your Life Depends on It) offers believers and nonbelievers alike a new appreciation for the Bible, helping them to read it for understanding, not just as the storybook they remember from childhood.

    There is no other book like the Bible. God used at least forty human writers over more than 1,600 years to compost the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments.They included kings and shepherds, a physician and a tax collector. They lived on three continents–Europe, Asia, and Africa.

    Yet the Bible is a single Book with a single Author, focused on a single theme: Jesus the Messiah, our Redeemer. From beginning to end, the Bible tells the story of the Kingdom of God and its King. The Old Testament tells us He is coming. The New Testament announces that He has arrived.

    The sixty-six books of the Bible do not tell sixty-six stories. Together they tell one story. It’s the story of humanity’s rebellion against God and God’s redemptive love for the human race. It’s the story of a Kingdom and a Covenant, of one Lord who saves completely and rules eternally.

    The unity of the Bible confounds human wisdom. The unity of the Bible baffles its critics. The unity of the Bible challenges its enemies. There’s no book like this Book because there’s no author like its Author.

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  • Shelter From The Storm


    Looking for shelter from life’s storms? A Shelter From The Storm Softcover Devotional is the perfect devotional book to help those who are swept up by hardship and trials discover the mighty grace of God.

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  • Como Tener Un Matrimonio Salud – (Spanish)


    Pocas personas como Sixto Porras logran interpretar los complejos acordes de una sinfonia matrimonial. Logramos trabajar como un extraordinario equipo cuando el matrimonio consigue cimentarse en tres puntos importantes: desarrollar un ambiente agradable en casa, reconocer las virtudes del otro y no dejar que el rencor nos distancie.

    La propuesta de este libro es hacer de nuestro hogar el mejor lugar para vivir; y para lograrlo, se necesita una convivencia saludable, algo dificil de lograr si caemos en la trampa de las relaciones conflictivas.

    Con su amplia trayectoria en temas de familia, Sixto Porras nos indica como seguir el camino correcto para un matrimonio saludable. !Un camino que tu tambien puedes transitar!

    Sixto nos plantea una ruta decididamente clara, con principios aplicables desde el enamoramiento, y nos plantea algunas preguntas directas y poderosas:

    *Como se que tengo un buen matrimonio?
    *Cuales son las caracteristicas del amor?
    *Como hacer crecer la armonia en el matrimonio?
    *Como tener el matrimonio que siempre he deseado tener?

    Haz de tu matrimonio una relacion inquebrantable y saludable.

    Few people like Sixto Porras get to interpret the complicated chords of a marriage symphony. We get to work as an amazing team when the marriage is based on three important points: developing a warm atmosphere at home, acknowledging our spouses virtues, and not letting bitterness drive us apart.

    This book suggests making our home the best place to live in. In order to achieve this, a healthy cohabitation is necessary, which is difficult to reach if we fall in the trap of difficult and troubled relationships.

    With a long career on family issues, Sixto Porras points out how to follow the right path towards a healthy marriage. A path you can also walk on!
    Sixto sets a definitely clear route, with principles to apply from the time of failing in love. He makes some straight and powerful questions like:

    *How do I know I have a good marriage?
    *What are the features of love?
    *How can I grow harmony in my marriage?
    *How can I have the marriage I always wanted?

    Make your marriage an unshakable and healthy relationship.

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  • He Gives More Grace


    Motherhood is one of life’s most joyful yet most difficult gifts. We are eager to get it “right”, yet parenting usually highlights our weaknesses and leaves us worried about our mistakes.

    These hope-filled, positive devotions recognize the realities and pressures, joys and disappointments of motherhood and will give you a precious reminder of grace from God’s word to hold onto each day. They will help you to trust that God’s grace is enough for you and your kids. As the authors say in the introduction, “Our children do not need a perfect mother. What they do need is a mother who recognizes her need for a perfect Savior and understands that this is the greatest need of her children as well.”

    As you focus on the work of Jesus rather than your own efforts, you will feel less pressure and more freedom and joy in all the ups and downs of motherhood.

    Written by a mother-daughter combination (one with four kids aged 10-16 and one with three grown kids and ten grandchildren) who are both grateful recipients of God’s grace and faithfulness in the many seasons, situations and realities of motherhood.

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  • Practice Of The Presence Of Jesus


    Discover the joy of intentionally dwelling in the presence of God as the beloved author of Joni weaves contemporary insights with the timeless wisdom of seventeenth-century monk Brother Lawrence.

    Suffering has a way of heaving you beyond the shallows of life where your faith feels ankle-deep. It casts you out into the fathomless depths of God. -Joni, from the Introduction

    Brother Lawrence lived through the drudgeries of monastery kitchen duty during the turbulence of 1600s France. Joni Eareckson Tada suffered a terrible accident that broke her neck and left her paralyzed. This tragedy led her from a life of distant faith to a life as a devout Christian, and she later became a worldwide influence and disability rights activist, sharing her experiences of suffering with grace. In both their lives, they each found the secret to peace, joy, and a close personal walk with God: being in constant conversation with the Father . . . every day and every hour . . . practicing the presence of God.

    The Practice of the Presence of Jesus ushers in wisdom from these two everyday saints, more than 400 years apart, to teach and inspire you to find and experience the nearness of God in your life. Through rich devotional content from Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God accompanied by original art and never-before-published insight from Joni in response to his excerpts, you’ll experience a unique blend of past and present wisdom on such themes as humility, thankfulness, fear, worship, obedience, and more. Each devotion ushers you into the peace of the Good Shepherd.

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  • Collected Christian Essentials Catechism


    A life discipled by the catechism.

    The Collected Christian Essentials: Catechism is perfect for daily devotions, personal study, and prayer with others.

    *Let the catechism of the Ten Commandments, Apostles’ Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer guide your devotional life.

    *Experience a simple liturgy of morning and evening prayer.

    *Pray fresh prayers inspired by the catechism.

    *Read Scripture with the church year.

    *Understand the riches of the catechism with Peter J. Leithart, Ben Myers, and Wesley Hill.

    The catechism- the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer-has sustained and nurtured every generation of believers, directing their faith, hope, and love. It helps Christians read, pray, and live God’s word. By giving Christians God’s word to give back to him, it plants seeds of his word and cultivates them to full growth. The Collected Christian Essentials: Catechism brings the church’s ancient catechism to a new generation.

    The twenty-four catechism prayers were written by the Right Reverend Joey Royal, Suffragan Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Arctic.

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  • Imagine The God Of Heaven


    Millions of people around the world have reported a near-death experience. Do they prove the existence of a loving God?

    Never in history, until now, have we been able to hear from so many people around the world who have been brought back from clinical death. Modern medical resuscitation and digital communication have revealed a goldmine of intriguing near-death experiences (NDEs) that show us the character of God. John Burke has spent the last three decades studying the commonalities of more than 1000 NDEs. His investigative journey started as a skeptical agnostic, when his own father was dying from cancer. When he first read these eyewitness accounts, he couldn’t help asking himself: “Could this be real evidence–even possible proof of God’s existence?”

    In this book, you will discover:

    *Analysis of 1000+ near-death experiences and how they reveal the wondrous attributes of God and correlate with the Bible

    *Follow up research to Burke’s exploration of the afterlife, Imagine Heaven, a New York Times best-seller of over 1 million copies

    *True stories from nearly 70 people from every continent who have died, been resuscitated, and now testify to having been more alive than ever in the presence of a loving God they never wanted to leave

    *People of all ethnicities and backgrounds-including doctors, engineers, and CEO-experience the same God.

    John Burke unveils the love story and characteristics of this God of all nations, revealed throughout history and in Scripture, now illustrated by these thrilling encounters. You will realize God’s love, power, compassion, friendship, and guidance are closer than you could ever imagine. And for such a time as this, people need to know a loving God is within their reach.

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  • Healing Prayer : God s Idea For Restoring Body, Mind, And Spirit


    Surprised by Healing

    What if you never expected miraculous healing was possible but were surprised when it actually happened, or by the way in which it happened? And what if you found out that, all along, the Bible had principles for healing prayer that we could apply to our lives for restoring spirit, mind, and body?

    Join authors Maxie Dunnam and David Chotka in their unexpected journeys of discovery that healing prayer is God’s idea, not a human concept, and that He invites us to intercede for healing in our own lives and on behalf of others. Prayer, including healing prayer, is one of the greatest activities in which Christians can participate with God to fulfill His purposes. God wants us to pray as an integral part of our relationship with Him and as a vital aspect of our life of faith.

    This intriguing book covers such topics as:

    *Healing prayer: what does the Bible say?
    *Medicine, miracle, and mystery: how they interrelate
    *Why and how we pray for healing
    *The role of compassion in healing
    *Christ’s forgiving and healing presence within us
    *How to prepare yourself for prayer
    *Eight ways healing prayer is misunderstood

    Healing Prayer includes accounts of God’s power to heal today, and it provides guidance for how to organize a prayer team in your small group, church, or denomination.

    Above all, this book shows that it is God who initiates healing prayer. Our part is to respond to His instructions and leading as we pray. All He asks is our openness to Him. Read this book and you, too, may be surprised by the power of Healing Prayer.

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  • A Profundidad – (Spanish)


    Nuestra relacion con Dios no puede ser tibia. O navega superficialmente, o se sumerge a traves de Aguas muy profundas. Bernardo Stamateas nos hace volver a lo esencial de nuestra conexion con Dios, y a traves de simples, pero profundos ejercicios practicos, nos permite hallar esa voz tierna y firme de nuestro Padre.

    Oir la voz de Dios probablemente se haya convertido en la tarea mas desafiante para todo cristiano del siglo XXI, sin embargo, un analisis biblico en profundidad llevado a una sincera practica, se vuelve en algo transformador. Bernardo Stamateas descubre que cuando el Seor nos da una palabra, ella es oro sin brillo. Pero llevar esa palabra a la practica es lo que produce que ella tenga el brillo del oro.

    Aguas muy profundas es un libro dinamico, donde descubriremos la fuerza de la atraccion que nos lleva directo al corazon de Dios. Dejate amar por tu Creador, lleva a la cruz tus emociones y empieza un singular proceso de transformacion de tu espiritu, que te volvera uno con el Padre.

    Our relationship with God cannot be lukewarm. Either it navigates on the surface, or it plunges through Going Deep. Bernardo Stamateas takes us back again to the essentials of our connection with God. Through simple and down-to-earth exercises, he let us find the soft and strong voice of our Father.

    Listening to Gods voice has probably become the most challenging task for every Christian in the 21st century. But a biblical and profound analysis taken to a heartfelt practice becomes transformational. Bernado Stamateas discovers that, when the Lord gives us a word, it is gold without brightness. But practicing that word makes it as brilliant as gold.

    Going Deep is a dynamic book, where we will find the force of attraction that takes us straight to Gods heart. Let your Creator love you. Take your emotions to the cross. And start a unique changing process in your spirit, which will take you to be one with the Father.

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  • War On Men


    Men–and masculinity in general–are under attack. For society to succeed, we need strong men to lead us in all areas of life.

    Owen Strachan tackles one of today’s most controversial subjects: manhood. Making the case for traditional biblical manhood, he explains why the soft manhood our culture applauds has been a disaster. Like Christianity and Wokeness, Strachan’s previous best-selling book from Salem, The War on Men is edgy, bold, lucid, confrontational, and ultimately hopeful, addressing the problems of our day with timeless truth.

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  • What If Jesus Was Serious About Heaven


    Many Christians think about heaven as a distant place we go after we die. But what if it’s a very real kingdom available to us right now, here on earth?

    In What If Jesus Was Serious about Heaven?, Skye Jethani unpacks what Jesus really said about heaven and how it can transform our faith today. The fourth in Jethani’s popular What If Jesus Was Serious? series, this guide includes the author’s hand-drawn illustrations in each chapter.

    Jethani explores the importance of the kingdom of heaven in Jesus’s ministry, message, and parables. In doing so, he redefines the popular understanding of heaven as a celestial home for the dearly departed and reimagines our role in God’s kingdom here on earth. This book shows what Jesus and his first followers knew about heaven that we get wrong and helps us recapture what it means for God’s kingdom to be present on earth right now.

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  • Palabra Diaria Para Los Hombre – (Spanish)


    Nuestras rutinas diarias a veces nos condicionan a una vida comoda. Nos conformamos con un ritmo de vida repetitivo y esperamos que cambie en algun momento. Dia tras dia, mes tras mes, ao tras ao, encontramos la felicidad en cosas que satisfacen solo nuestras necesidades y deseos inmediatos. Nuestros corazones anhelan mas, pero nos conformamos con menos.

    El tiempo que pasas en la presencia de Dios te empodera para ser un hombre de caracter, fuerza e integridad. Este devocionario presenta una palabra motivadora para que reflexiones cada dia. Permite que esta palabra diaria te inspire a medida que consideras en oracion la escritura, devocion y pregunta que invita a la reflexion.

    Permite que Jesus interrumpa tu patron de vida diario y te de ojos para ver la alternativa de vida que te ofrece. Una vida que satisface mas alla de tus necesidades y deseos temporales. Una vida que ilumina tu trabajo y ocio. Una vida que se desborda en las personas que te rodean. Una vida que genera mas vida.


    – La cubierta de piel sintetica de alta calidad brinda durabilidad y un atractivo tactil exquisito.

    – El grabado termico especial le da a la cubierta una apariencia de dos tonos y crea una muesca que resalta el diseo intrincado y la textura variada.

    – Los acabados metalicos y laminado mate se colocan con elegancia para realzar las caracteristicas, captar la atencion y aadir clase para un atractivo estetico.

    – Esta resistente encuadernacion cosida con alta calidad une los pliegos creando durabilidad y permitiendo que las paginas queden planas cuando estan abiertas. Tambien se agregan bandas decorativas para la cabeza y los pies que complementan aun mas la encuadernacion.

    – El papel de alta calidad tiene un suave toque satinado que proporciona al arte una coloracion viva y duradera.

    – Un hermoso marcador de cinta satinada se mantiene convenientemente en su lugar para que pueda retomarlo rapidamente donde lo dejo.

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  • Milagro De La Paz – (Spanish)


    En El milagro de la paz, el autor de confianza Jack Countryman y otras personas dinamicas de fe de treinta a noventa aos compartiran inspiracion y esperanza sobre la paz milagrosa que solo Dios puede traer durante las temporadas mas tormentosas de la vida.

    Dios nos ha instruido en la Biblia que no nos preocupemos por el maana. Suena simple, asi que por que es tan dificil de lograr?, por que no podemos encontrar la paz? Explora lo que la Biblia dice acerca de dejar ir la ansiedad y el miedo y abrazar una nueva forma de pensar que nos lleva a una relacion mas cercana con Dios.

    Con El milagro de la Paz, te sentiras animado mientras descubres como:

    *Entender los planes de Dios cuando nada parece tener sentido
    *Encontrar la calma cuando todo a tu alrededor es el caos
    *Confiar en que Dios te tiene en la palma de Su mano

    Este hermoso libro incluye:

    *Una pagina de presentacion para regalar
    *Una cinta marcadora para mantener su lugar
    *52 meditaciones sobre como encontrar la paz en un mundo turbulento

    Dios no quiere que sus seres queridos sufran con preocupacion. A medida que te acercas a El, experimentas el milagro de la paz que esta disponible para ti. Solo tienes que pedirlo.

    The Miracle of peace

    In The Miracle of Peace, trusted author Jack Countryman and other dynamic people of faith from their thirties to their nineties will share inspiration and hope about the miraculous peace that only God can bring about during the stormiest seasons in life.

    God has instructed us in the Bible not to worry about tomorrow. It sounds simple, so why is it so difficult to achieve? Why can’t we find peace? Explore what the Bible says about letting go of anxiety and fear and embracing a new way of thinking that brings us into a closer relationship with God.

    In The Miracle of Peace, you’ll be encouraged as you discover how to:

    *Understand God’s plans when nothing seems to make sense
    *Find calm when all around you is chaos
    *Trust that God has you in the palm of His hand

    This beautiful book includes:

    *A presentation page for gift-giving
    *A ribbon marker to keep your place
    *52 meditations about finding peace in a troubled world

    God doesn’t want His loved ones to suffer with worry. As you draw closer to Him, you’ll experience the miracle of peace that is available to you. You only need ask.

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  • He Is Strong


    We all feel weak sometimes. He Is Strong encourages you to rest in God’s help and strength for every one of your inadequacies.

    Join Emily Jensen, bestselling coauthor of Risen Motherhood, on a devotional journey to find God’s strength amid your weakness. Whether you think of yourself as overwhelmed, overlooked, or just not very good at life (or perhaps you avoid facing your own shortcomings), Emily shares relatable stories about her own feelings of weakness and points you to the gospel for wisdom, hope, and comfort. As the familiar hymn says, “They are weak, but he is strong.”

    Let these Scripture-filled reflections remind you that Jesus loves you, even in your weakness. You can rely on the strength of God in any challenge you face.

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  • Lord Is My Shepherd


    The LORD is My Shepherd Softcover Devotional is the perfect source of encouragement to remind you of the Good Shepherd’s faithfulness, provision, and care. With 366 faith-building devotions, you’ll feel loved and cared for as you immerse yourself in the wisdom and guidance of the Good Shepherd.

    A beautiful wreath of greenery forms a frame around the gold-foiled sentiment on the front of the devotional.

    The LORD is My Shepherd

    As you flip through the beautifully designed pages, you will notice the interior pages are printed in two colors, featuring exquisite floral decorations on every page. A handy topical index is included to help you locate a passage.

    Whether you’re seeking comfort in difficult times, looking for guidance in your daily life, or simply want to deepen your faith, this devotional is the perfect companion. Each daily entry begins with a Scripture verse, followed by a devotional passage based on the text, and ends with a call to action or an inspiring thought for the day.

    The LORD is My Shepherd Softcover Devotional is an ideal choice for a mom or grandmother in need of care. Its inspirational content, high-quality design, and practical features, it will make a meaningful and encouraging impact on her daily devotional time. The LORD is My Shepherd Softcover Devotional will help her find peace and comfort in the company of the Good Shepherd.

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  • Lord Is My Shepherd Teal


    The LORD is my Shepherd Teal Faux Leather Devotional is the perfect faith-building companion. With 366 devotions that are based on God’s Scripture promises you’ll be assured of the Good Shepherd’s faithfulness, provision, and care. This devotional is an excellent source of encouragement, reminding us that Christ is the Shepherd of our souls who can fulfill our need for love, support, and care.

    The front cover of this beautifully designed devotional features gorgeous heat-debossed floral swags that frame the silver-foiled sentiment.

    The LORD is My Shepherd

    As you flip through the beautifully designed pages, you will notice the interior pages are gilt-edged and printed in two colors, featuring exquisite floral decorations on every page. A handy topical index is included to help you locate a passage, and a ribbon marker is attached to help you mark the passage.

    There’s a handy topical index to help you find passages that meet your daily needs and a ribbon marker to keep your place. Each daily entry begins with a Scripture verse, followed by a devotional passage based on the text, and ends with a call to action or an inspiring thought for the day.

    The LORD is my Shepherd Teal Faux Leather Devotional is an ideal gift for any mom or grandmother who needs to lean into God’s care. With its inspirational content, high-quality design, and practical features, this devotional is sure to make a meaningful and encouraging impact on her daily devotional time. Add The LORD is my Shepherd Teal Faux Leather Devotional to a birthday gift or a get-well-care package to show you care,

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  • 199 Favorite Bible Verses For Women


    Discover the comfort and guidance you’ve sought with the 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Women Gift Book. This beautiful booklet is filled with 199 treasures from God’s Word, specially selected for women in need of spiritual shepherding, ready to be stored in your heart.

    The soft pink roses on the cover lend a delicate touch to the creamy white paperback, and the black letters accented with pink-foiled letters bring an elegant flair to the title.

    199 Favorite Bible Verses for Women

    As you open the book, you’ll find a presentation page, allowing you to personalize it when giving it as a gift. The interior pages of 99 Favorite Bible Verses for Women Gift Book are printed in one color, and its content is thoughtfully organized into five main themes. Each section covers various subcategories. Whether you’re seeking guidance on how to rely on God during difficult times, want to reflect on the character of God, or need promises from Scripture to apply to challenging situations, this booklet has you covered.

    With comforting and uplifting verses and quotes from classic Christian authors, this gift book will provide you with the strength, peace, joy, and hope you need every day. And with several lined pages in the back, you can even add your favorite Bible verses and notes, making it a personalized keepsake.

    The compact size of the 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Women Gift Book makes it a perfect fit for a purse or as a stocking stuffer, and it’s an ideal add-on to any Christmas gift for a mom, grandmom, sister, or niece. Give the gift of spiritual nourishment this Christmas with the 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Women Gift Book.

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  • In Case You Forget


    Everyone wants to tell teenage girls who they are–or at least who they are supposed to be.

    They are supposed to be influencers. They are supposed to be straight-A students. They are supposed to have a full social calendar and know what career path they will follow and have an Instagram-worthy relationship. Navigating all these “supposed to” statements feels downright impossible if girls don’t know who–or whose–they are.

    In her six-week devotional, In Case You Forget, author Hannah Conway reminds teenage Christ followers who God says they are in His Word. They are made in God’s image; they are loved by the maker of the universe; they are treasured; they are co-heirs to God’s Kingdom. Many teen girls don’t realize they are having an identity crisis, but Conway’s humorous and relatable writing style gives language to their confusion. Each devotion reminds girls they are not alone in their identity doubts and responds to those doubts with truths directly from God’s Word. Through daily Bible reading, prayer, reflective questions, and opportunities to dive deeper into Scripture, In Case You Forget ultimately tells girls that the only person they are “supposed to be” is a child of God.

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  • Take Back Your Life


    Paralyzed by anxiety, fear, and uncertainty? In this 40-day interactive journey, discover a step-by-step process that can break that cycle. Offering an action plan and journaling space for turning your thoughts into real change, learn to take back your life.

    Every person has a mission and a God-given potential to impact the world, whether they recognize it or not. But life presents challenges and traps us in a helpless, hopeless loop of anxiety and fear.

    In Take Back Your Life, a blend of his bestselling books Through the Eyes of a Lion and I Declare War, join Levi Lusko on an interactive journey to equip yourself to become the best version of yourself. Offering forty daily challenges to help you come to terms with the reality of your internal battle, learn to take up the weapons God has given you and engage in the fight.

    With biblical truth and perspective, this step-by-step journaling process will help you:

    *Get out of your own way by learning to think right so you can live right
    *Find purpose by discovering that God will do great things with your imperfect progress
    *Learn that your pain is not an obstacle to being used by God but an opportunity to be used like never before

    This is more than a book. It’s an intimate self-analysis tool that will help you recognize what’s weighing you down or holding you back. This is a journey to get back the life you know you were born for–to change your thinking so you can change your living and become the difference-maker God sees when he sees you.

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  • Near In The Night


    Why is it that when the lights go off our minds start racing? We stew over what we could have done differently that day. We remember details we’re afraid we’ll forget in the morning. And most of all, we worry. Small anxieties as well as huge fears come alive when we’re exhausted and the house is finally quiet.

    Emily Ley finds that having a simple devotional routine before bed puts anxieties in their place and brings peace to her soul. In this unique evening devotional, she shares her own stories and struggles, invites you to contemplation, and brings you back to the unchanging comfort of God’s Word.

    Near in the Night includes practical ideas to make your evenings calmer, along with pages for taking notes, making lists (so you can stop thinking about those to-dos!), and writing out personal reflections. Each of the 100 devotions will help you:

    *Turn off your worries and regrets at night
    *Remember God’s goodness in an uncertain world
    *Develop a gentle, grace-filled evening routine so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed and prepared for the day ahead

    This devotional is perfect for:

    *Anyone looking for uplifting biblical readings for those stress-filled evening hours

    *Readers of Emily’s previous books, including her companion morning devotional, Sure as the Sunrise

    *Christmas, New Year’s, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and graduation

    Pairing biblical wisdom with Emily’s simplicity expertise, Near in the Night reminds us that God is always faithful and ever near, even in the darkest of nights.

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  • Is God Real


    It’s no coincidence that one of the most asked questions on any search engine is: Is God real?

    When life feels overwhelming, we want to know if there really is a deity who loves us, knows us, and cares about what happens to us. Join investigative journalist and former atheist Lee Strobel on a quest to determine whether we can know with confidence that God is real.

    Lee Strobel’s landmark book, The Case for Christ, is one of the most respected defenses of Christianity of all time. Now in Is God Real? Lee weaves together material from his previous books with the latest evidence from the most brilliant scientific and philosophical minds to answer the pressing questions on our hearts and minds.

    In this rational exploration of the proof of God’s existence, Lee investigates:

    *If God is real, why is there so much suffering?
    *How do we know which God is real?
    *If God is real, why does he seem so hidden?
    *How do recent scientific findings support the claim that God is real?
    *If God is real, what difference does it make?

    Written for skeptics and believers alike, Is God Real? is a life-changing exploration of the question that matters most.

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  • My Utmost For His Highest


    Hear Oswald Chambers speak even more clearly and profoundly than ever before! Both new and longtime readers of My Utmost for His Highest will find renewed passion to be all for God in this 365-day devotional. The Modern Classic Edition smooths out the obscurities of the original without losing its dynamic and intensely personal nature. With a beautiful hardcover design and satin ribbon marker, it makes a great gift for any occasion.

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  • Trusting God With Today


    Trusting God in difficult times can be a challenge, but working to grow that trust day by day brings greater joy and peace than we could ever find leaning on our own understanding. In Trusting God with Today, Dr. Charles Stanley encourages us to believe in God’s love and rest in His purpose for us.

    This 365-day devotional from beloved author and pastor Dr. Charles Stanley will inspire you to see how God transforms our hearts and lives when we trust Him with an unknown future. Each entry in this daily devotional includes a Bible verse, a prayer, and inspirational teaching. Page by page, your soul will find rest as you remember that:

    *No matter what is happening in the world or in your life, God is faithful
    *You can release anxiety and embrace God’s rest as you stop trying to figure it all out yourself
    *Trusting God one day at a time leads to contentment and satisfaction as He makes your paths straight

    Trusting God with Today makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and graduations, or for anyone who longs to trust God more deeply in an uncertain world today and every day.

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  • Marriage Gift : 365 Prayers For Our Marriage – A Daily Devotional Journey T


    The Marriage Gift will inspire and equip you to pray boldly and specifically every day of the year to grow in confidence and intimacy with both your spouse and the Lord.

    Prayer is one of the greatest assets to your marriage. Whether you already feel comfortable praying together or need help kickstarting your prayer life, The Marriage Gift is your go-to guide for bold, powerful prayers for your marriage.

    Filled with practical, real-world topics such as health and healing, finances, trust, technology issues, anxiety, temptation, self-control, life transitions, supporting each other’s goals, and more, this book will open your eyes and your heart to new ways of loving your partner. As you pray together, you will:

    *Learn to trust God more as you see him move in mighty ways in every area of your life and marriage

    *Experience growth and change in the areas of your marriage that need work

    *Create a lifelong habit of deep, meaningful, and specific prayer for your marriage

    *Learn how God intends marriage to be a ministry that blesses your community and the world at large, in addition to growing you individually

    Aaron and Jennifer Smith have shown how the power of prayer can transform a marriage as they’ve shared personal challenges and victories for more than ten years. The Marriage Gift is their invitation for you to experience transformation in your own marriage as you commit to praying bold, powerful prayers for one another this year.

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  • 1 Year Daily Acts Of Gratitude Devotional


    What might happen if you and your family found ways to be thankful every day?

    Most of us admit to being overworked, hurried, anxious, lonely, and battered by uncertainty. We want to be thankful for all that we have, but the chaos of our lives holds us back. We know that experiencing gratitude can reduce our stress, lead to a happier home, and make us feel more optimistic about ourselves and the world around us. Yet our ability to be grateful often ebbs and flows. When life is good, it’s easy to feel grateful, but when life is full of hurts and challenges, gratitude takes a back seat.

    But the hope of more–more peace, more Jesus, more appreciation for the people in our lives that often go overlooked–keeps us trying to find ways to be thankful. In The One Year Daily Acts of Gratitude Devotional, through relatable stories, encouraging Scripture, and reflection questions, we are invited to shift our focus and increase our gratitude.

    Each day this year, find easy-to-do ideas for incorporating gratitude into our lives and uncover the good that God was doing all along.

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  • Kingdom Values Devotional


    Embracing kingdom values isn’t about checking things off a list or posting virtue signals online. It’s about stepping into the abundant, joyful life God designed just for you. Instead of chaos, you’ll discover calm. Instead of wandering aimlessly in pain, you will experience peace. When Jesus talks about kingdom values, He gives us an incentive: if you embrace the ways of God’s kingdom, you will discover a life of blessing and purpose.

    Based on the challenges and blessings Jesus lays out in the beatitudes, this ninety-day devotional will both inspire and challenge you. Through Scripture, action points, prayers, and practical insights, Dr. Tony Evans helps you:

    * align your thoughts, words, and actions with God’s values
    * receive peace, comfort, and purpose
    * usher in authentic change for others in our culture

    When you choose to live and be shaped according to kingdom values, you will unleash and access all that God has planned for your life.

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  • Teatime Discipleship For Mothers And Daughters


    Establish a Legacy of Love

    Life is sweeter when a hot pot of tea and a lovely talk of faith are shared between a mother and her daughter! From author and podcast host Sally Clarkson comes this keepsake guide filled with simple moments that create lasting heart-connections centered on friendship and discipleship.

    When you prioritize this sacred work of fellowshipping with your family, you’ll also grow in love and wonder for the God who has woven your shared stories into the tapestry of His big-picture plan. Within these beautiful pages, you’ll find themed teas and interactive offerings to help you gently guide and invest in your daughter over cozy treats and thoughtful discussions about seasons of faith, godly womanhood, and more.

    Modeling your faith becomes mentoring her heart when you welcome open conversation, earnest listening, and sincere prayer. Teatime Discipleship for Mothers and Daughters will help you steep together in Scripture as you make meaningful time for God and for each other.

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  • 10 : How To Live And Love In A World That Has Lost Its Way


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    Are the Ten Commandments merely dry rules? Best-selling author and pastor Jeffress invites you to unpack each of God’s timeless laws to experience a deeper love for God, community, church, and each other. Drawing from a deep well of Scripture, this fresh presentation of ancient truths frees you to experience blessings like you’ve never imagined. 224 pages, hardcover from Baker.
    Product Information
    Title: The 10: How to Live and Love in a World That Has Lost Its Way
    By: Dr. Robert Jeffress
    Format: Hardcover
    Number of Pages: 224
    Vendor: Baker Books
    Publication Date: 2023
    Dimensions: 8.50 X 5.50 (inches)
    Weight: 2 pounds
    ISBN: 1540900495
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    Publisher’s Description

    God wants you to enjoy life–and one of the ways to experience a blessed life is the Ten Commandments. These timeless truths are so much more than the dry rules we’ve consigned them to be. They’re an invitation into a relationship with God of overflowing blessing and love. But to receive those benefits, we actually have to know–and follow–God’s instructions.

    Drawing deeply from the well of Scripture, Dr. Robert Jeffress refreshes our understanding and appreciation of the Ten Commandments, unpacking exactly what each commandment means and explaining how obeying God in these things will improve our personal lives, our relationships, our churches, and our communities.

    This fresh presentation of ancient truth for modern lives will free you to experience blessings you could never imagine.

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  • Youre Not Finished Yet


    Are you facing a difficult season? Do your prayers feel unanswered? The middle of any endeavor–career, relationships, ministry, health–is often when our perseverance waivers, when peace seems out of reach, when the future feels uncertain. It’s when life really gets hard.

    In this empowering devotional, bestselling author, human rights activist, and international speaker Christine Caine reminds you that you can go the distance–not because you have the strength but because God does. As Christine shares stories from her ministry experience, her personal life, her walk with Jesus, and her hikes through the mountains of Southern California, Christine offers Scripture and spiritual reflections to help you:

    *Intentionally journey with Jesus even when you feel discouraged
    *Rely on God’s strength in seasons of waiting
    *Keep praying, seeking, walking with Jesus every day
    *Focus your mind on spiritual practices that bring peace

    Each of the 100 devotions includes a scripture, a devotion entry, and a takeaway for the reader.

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  • How To Put Love First


    Do you feel your relationships are lacking deep connections? Do you feel your time with God could be more rewarding? New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, invite you on a 90-day journey to embrace a life-giving relationship with God and experience authentic, healthy relationships with your people and your community.

    You are meant to be in relationships that bring joy and connection–that help you know soul-deep peace and leave you feeling loved instead of lonely. Instead, surface-level friendships, filtered social media feeds, unresolved conflicts, and unhealthy relationships can often seem to harm our self-worth, spiritual growth, and mental health–and keep us from the very relationships that could bring that true connection.

    How to Put Love First reminds you that prioritizing and deepening your love relationship with God is the key to growing healthy relationships in every area of life. Through personal stories of their own walks with God, their pitfalls and victories in relationships of all kinds, and biblical encouragement, Sadie and Christian will help you:

    *Find peace and connection in your relationship with God
    *Enjoy healthier, happier relationships with close friends and family
    *Learn how to resolve conflict, offer forgiveness, and endure loneliness
    *Reap the mental and spiritual health benefits of thriving in community

    As an added bonus, Dr. Josh Kirby, a psychologist and life coach, joins Sadie and Christian to speak into some of the key themes in the book to offer informed, practical counsel to further help you incorporate these important teachings into your life.

    If your relationships feel more frustrating than life-giving or if you feel like something deeply important is missing in your life, join Sadie and Christian on this 90-day challenge to discover the joy and freedom of being loved and loving well.

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  • Born A Child And Yet A King


    Carrying songs–and Jesus–in your heart the whole Christmas season.

    We know the songs of Christmas like we know the rooms of our house or the placement of our Christmas tree. One or two probably stand out for us as the epitome of how Christmas is supposed to sound. It’s not officially Christmas until we hear them.

    As those familiar songs fill your home again this season, listen closely. They are telling a story, the story of Jesus–who He is and why He came.

    Rediscover your favorite Christmas hymns this Advent season with Born a Child and Yet a King, an Advent devotional from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Spend thirty-one days tracing the gospel through your favorite carols and discover anew the awe of this season.

    Each day’s reading will help guide your prayers, thoughts, and priorities so you may enjoy a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ this Christmas!

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  • Whats So Amazing About Grace Revised And Updated (Revised)



    It’s the most powerful force in the universe, our only hope for love and forgiveness, and a foretaste of eternal life: amazing, radical, life-changing grace.

    Millions of lives have been changed by award-winning author Philip Yancey’s startling exploration of grace at street level. Grace is the one thing the world can’t duplicate, the healing force we need, and the key to transforming a broken world.

    In this revised and updated edition of his personal and provocative book, Yancey offers true portraits of grace’s life-changing power. These stories, set in the midst of life’s stark realities, evoke such questions as:

    *If grace is God’s love for the undeserving, how do I get it?

    *How well are we dispensing grace to a world that knows far more of strife and unforgiveness than it does of mercy?

    *Can grace make a difference in the midst of such atrocities as the Nazi holocaust, and how can it withstand the brutality of hate?

    With powerful stories, rich theology, and practical suggestions, Yancey challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately needs to know, What’s So Amazing About Grace?

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  • UnCovery Devotional : Rethinking Recovery One Day At A Time – A 365 Day Dev


    All of us are recovering from something. Whether it’s an addiction, a painful incident from our past, or a daily challenge just to get by in this world, something is holding us back from the promised-land life God wants for us.

    Real recovery isn’t a one-time event or a process that fits into twelve steps or a preset length of time. Uncovering how to live free of what holds you back is a lifelong journey, and one that is best traveled with others.

    The Uncovery Devotional: Rethinking Recovery One Day at a Time will help you take those steps toward a better, healthier, happier you. The authors, George A. Wood and Brit Eaton, know that battles with addiction, mental health, suicidal thoughts, and past trauma cannot be won overnight. They’ve been in your shoes. And they provide the love, commitment, and compassion that will help you uncover and heal the bottom-line issue that causes you to struggle in the first place.

    Each month follows a theme, such as reflection, relationship, and reconciliation, while each day provides a short Scripture and prayer.

    Wild opportunities for hope, healing, and transformation exist for you in the Christian recovery space because you’re not working to recover an old, broken life–you’re going after a brand new one.

    You’ll discover the truth about who you really are and Whose you really are so that you can reach deep levels of healing and deliverance.

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  • Daily Wisdom For Men 2024 Devotional Collection


    You Are a Man of God. Live Each Day Courageously Rooted in Jesus!
    Men will find inspiration, challenge, and their spirits encouraged as they experience the wisdom of God’s Word every day of 2024.

    Every day for an entire year, you will be encouraged by scriptures, devotional readings, and prayers that remind you that no matter what difficult times come, the peace and power of Jesus reigns in every situation, and we are victorious because Jesus is victorious! Daily scripture readings follow a Read through the Bible in a Year reading plan that you may choose to complete alongside the daily readings.

    In these pages you’ll find challenge, inspiration, and spiritual blessing as you grow in your faith all 366 days of the year.

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    John 16:33 niv

    Read more
  • Daily Wisdom For Women 2024 Devotional Collection


    You Are a Cherished Woman of God. Take Heart–Your Savior, Jesus, Has Overcome Every Challenge You Face!

    Women will find inspiration, refreshment, and their spirits lifted as they experience the wisdom of God’s Word every day of 2024.

    Every day for an entire year, you will be encouraged by scriptures, devotional readings, and prayers that remind you that no matter what difficult times come, the peace and power of Jesus reigns in every situation, and we can choose to live in confident hope because Jesus is victorious! Daily scripture readings follow a Read through the Bible in a Year reading plan that you may choose to complete alongside the daily readings.

    In these pages you’ll find challenge, inspiration, and spiritual blessing as you grow in your faith all 366 days of the year.

    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    John 16:33 NIV

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  • Sigue Mirando Hacia Arriba – (Spanish)


    Cuando golpean las tormentas o el desorden de la vida te derrumba, parece mas facil hundirse en la resaca caotica que luchar para mantenerse a flote; y cuando te enfocas en las olas, pierdes la mano que baja para ayudarte.

    Con calidez y sabiduria, el pastor y autor de bestsellers del New York Times, Jentezen Franklin, nos recuerda que ninguna tormenta es tan feroz que no se puede calmar, y ningun obstaculo es tan grande que no se puede mover. En estos 40 devocionales inspiradores y convincentes, el no solo crea oportunidades diarias para que superes lo que te detiene, sino que tambien te empodera para:

    *confiar en Dios sin importar tus circunstancias o tormentas,
    *conquistar las cuatro tacticas comunes que usa el enemigo para hundirte,
    *implementar las cinco claves biblicas para superar cualquier dificultad en la vida, y
    *vivir la vida que Dios siempre quiso que tuvieras.

    No ignores el salvavidas que Dios te entrega, ni dejes que las olas de la vida te lleven. Es hora de mirar hacia arriba, extender la mano y liberarte de lo que sea que te este abrumando. No fuiste creado para pisar el agua y hundirte, fuiste creado para caminar sobre ella.

    When storms hit or the mess of life comes crashing down, it seems easier to sink into the chaotic undertow than fight to stay above water. But when you focus on the waves, you miss the hand reaching down to help you.

    With warmth and wisdom, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin reminds you that no storm is so fierce it can’t be calmed and no obstacle is too big it can’t be moved. In these forty inspiring and compelling devotions, he not only creates daily opportunities for you to overcome what holds you back, but he also empowers you to:

    *trust God no matter your circumstances or storms
    *conquer the four common tactics the enemy uses to pull you under
    *implement the five biblical keys to overcoming any difficulty in life
    *live the life God always intended you to have

    Don’t ignore the lifeline God is handing you or let the waves of life carry you away. It’s time to look up, reach out, and get free from whatever is overwhelming you. You weren’t created to tread water; you were created to walk on it.

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  • See Yourself Beautiful See Yourself Happy


    If someone asks you who you are, you probably have a pat answer that tells them what you do. But saying who you are? That’s not always so easy.

    In See Yourself Beautiful, See Yourself Happy: An Invitation to Discover Who You Were Meant to Be, Sonia Luna invites you to embark on a journey to discover your true self. As the pastor of a church that reaches thousands weekly, she is known for her strong faith and Holy Spirit anointing.

    Through each chapter, Sonia shows her vulnerability, sharing details of her life as a daughter, wife, mother, and minister of the Lord, explaining how everything developed her identity. By way of example, she offers insights into spiritual, psychological, and emotional issues that confront us as life unfolds.

    This journey is shaped by our experiences since birth, the influences of our families, the moments that mark us, and the many stages that we go through in our development as human beings.

    In an intimate, relatable narrative, Sonia describes how the psychological and emotional wounds that once affected us in our childhood and youth can continue to cause deep traumas that alter or threaten our identity. These can lead to insecurities, fears, difficulty in recognizing our own talents, and unsatisfactory interpersonal relationships.

    But Sonia offers reason for hope, affirming that there is not a single life that cannot be transformed by God. She invites you to discover your identity through the “infinite trigger” of Christ. By placing your life in His hands, you will fulfill your divine purpose and see yourself as you are: beautiful, valued, and loved.

    “It is only when we understand how valuable we are to God that we start to notice the mistaken concept we had of ourselves,” Sonia says.

    Once you see the best in yourself as God does, you will know your true identity as His beloved child. Happiness awaits when you work to achieve the divine purpose He has for you.

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  • Camino Pequeno – (Spanish)


    Queremos amar a Dios con todo nuestro corazon, pero a menudo nos encontramos esforzandonos por agradarle, muy conscientes de nuestras debilidades. A medida que se acumulan nuestros fracasos, nos frustramos y desanimamos. Hemos perdido la esencia del evangelio? Existe una manera simple, pero verdadera, de servir a Dios, que pueda llenarnos de gozo y paz en lugar de miedo y desanimo? Santa Teresa de Lisieux enfrento luchas similares. Como mujer joven que deseaba entregarse a Dios, se sintio intimidada ante la “la empinada escalera de la perfeccion”. Therese escudrio las Escrituras hasta que descubrio un camino hacia la libertad. La llamo “pequeo camino”. Este es “el camino de la infancia espiritual, el camino de la confianza y la entrega absoluta”. Es un reconocimiento de que mientras somos pequeos e imperfectos, tenemos un Dios poderoso que nos alcanza con infinito amor, gracia y fuerza para cuidar de todas nuestras necesidades. Mientras Therese seguia este nuevo camino, se consideraba una “pequea flor” en el jardin de Jesus. Ella entendio que era amada por su Padre celestial y hermosa ante sus ojos, y que podia florecer justo donde El la planto mientras diariamente demostraba Su amor incondicional a los demas, en pequeos, pero significativos actos de bondad, e intercedio en su nombre. Este hermoso libro de regalo destaca la profunda comprension de Santa Teresa sobre la fe y la devocion, mientras captura visualmente, a traves de flores como simples ilustraciones, el tema de la sencillez que impregno su vida. Al leer extractos de la autobiografia, la poesia y las cartas de Santa Teresa, con los versiculos biblicos que los acompaan, aprendera a descansar en los brazos amorosos de su Padre celestial, permitiendo que su propia fe crezca y florezca.

    We want to love God with all our hearts, but we often find ourselves striving in our efforts to please Him, acutely aware of our weaknesses. As our failures pile up, we become frustrated and discouraged. Have we missed the essence of the gospel? Is there a simple but true way to serve God that can fill us with joy and peace rather than fear and discouragement? St. Therese of Lisieux faced similar struggles. As a young woman who desired to abandon herself to God, she felt daunted at the thought of climbing “the steep stairway of perfection.” Therese searched the Scriptures until she discovered a path to freedom she called her “little way.” This is “the way of spiritual childhood, the way of trust and absolute surr

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