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Christology (Theology of Jesus Christ the Son)

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  • Lord Jesus Christ


    Christ, our Redeemer

    Jesus is the divine Son of God who has taken on human nature in the incarnation. And as prophet, priest, and king, he leads his people in a new exodus. In The Lord Jesus Christ, Brandon D. Crowe reflects on Christ’s person and work. Crowe traces christological concerns throughout the Old and New Testaments and church history and then presents systematic and practical implications. Through a combination of biblical, historical, and theological study, Crowe provides a fresh and robust statement of who Christ is and what he has done.

    Written from a confessionally Reformed perspective in dialogue with the great creeds of the church, The Lord Jesus Christ provides a thorough and trustworthy guide to understanding Jesus and his salvific work.

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  • Word From The Beginning


    And the Word became flesh

    John’s Gospel famously opens with a poetic prologue about the Word. However, after these initial verses, the theme of God’s Word incarnate seems to fade.

    The silence is only apparent. In The Word from the Beginning, Bruce G. Schuchard reunites John’s prologue with the rest of his Gospel. What Jesus does in the Gospel embodies who Jesus is in the prologue. Jesus’s words and actions reveal and unfold his unique identity as the Word. Jesus is indeed God’s Word enfleshed.

    This theological reading of John’s Gospel unifies Jesus’s identity, words, and work, opening up implications for Johannine Christology.

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  • Jesucristo Es El Senor – (Spanish)


    El libro Jesucristo es el Seor, Cristologia del Nuevo Testamento, de Samuel Pagan intenta identificar, analizar y explicar las afirmaciones teologicas neotestamentarias en torno a la vida y las acciones del Jesus de los evangelios canonicos, que nos permiten comprende la importante profesion de fe que declara sin inhibicion que “Jesucristo es el Seor”.

    El enfoque y esfuerzo fundamental del libro esta orientado a descubrir como la teologia en torno a Jesus de Nazaret tomo un giro extraordinario luego de la experiencia de la resurreccion. Una vez se difundio la noticia de que la muerte de Jesus no habia finalizado con las expectativas mesianicas de sus seguidores, la resurreccion de Cristo toma dimension nueva.

    Este libro explora la cristologia del Nuevo Testamento. Y esa vertiente teologica analiza la figura de Cristo, segun se revela en los evangelios canonicos, la literatura epistolar y en las revelaciones apocalipticas y visiones de Juan. Esa tradicion cristologica en torno a Jesus se revela inclusive al finalizar el canon del Nuevo Testamento. El vidente Juan, al comenzar la redaccion de la revelacion divina, afirma de manera categorica la importancia de la revelacion de Jesucristo. Nuestro estudio en torno a Jesucristo el Seor explorara el desarrollo de la teologia referente al Cristo de Dios, desde la resurreccion hasta las revelaciones de Juan en el Apocalipsis.

    Ademas, estudiaremos los titulos cristologicos, los himnos de las iglesias primitivas y varias reflexiones pastorales que se incorporan en las cartas del apostol Pablo y sus seguidores. La finalidad es identificar y analizar el contenido teologico de esa gran declaracion de fe para explorar sus implicaciones contemporaneas.

    Jesus Christ is Lord: Christology of the New Testament

    The book Jesus Christ is Lord, Christology of the New Testament, by Samuel Pagan attempts to identify, analyze and explain the New Testament theological affirmations about the life and actions of the Jesus of the canonical Gospels, which allow us to understand the important profession of faith that declares without inhibition that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    The fundamental focus and effort of the book is oriented to discover how the theology surrounding Jesus of Nazareth took an extraordinary turn after the experience of the resurrection. Once the news spread that Jesus’ death had not ended the messianic expectations of his followers, the resurrection of Christ took on a new dimension.

    This book explor

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  • Jesus – (Spanish)


    Un llamado a reconocer a Cristo por quien es El y a someterse diariamente a El como Seor y Salvador.

    Jesus: La Vida y Ministerio de Dios Hijo presenta selecciones de los escritos de Tozer sobre el Dios-Hombre, Jesucristo. El autor sigue la cronologia de la vida terrenal de Cristo y explora temas clasicos de la cristologia, permitiendo a los lectores a comprender y apreciar mejor la persona y la obra de Jesus.

    Proponerse estudiar a Cristo, significa contemplar su esplendor lo mejor posible. Jesus: La Vida y Ministerio de Dios Hijo nos permite lograr un aprecio renovado al Salvador del mundo y de la palabra escrita para glorificar su nombre.

    A call to recognize Christ for who he is and to daily submit to Him as Lord and Savior.

    Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son features selections from Tozer’s writings on the God-man, Jesus Christ. It follows the chronology of Christ’s earthly life and explores classic themes of Christology, helping readers better comprehend and appreciate Jesus’ person and work.

    When you set out to study Christ, you want to behold His splendor the best you can. Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son allows the reader to appreciate anew the Savior of the world and the power of the written word to glorify His name.

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  • More Christlike Word


    The Scriptures are an essential aspect of the Christian faith. But we have often equated them with the living Word Himself, even elevating them above the One to whom they point. In doing so, we have distorted their central message–and our view of God. Tragically, this has caused multitudes of people unnecessary doubt, confusion, and pain in their encounters with the Scriptures.

    Many people understand God as being truly loving and good. Yet, they struggle with depictions of God in Scripture as wrathful, violent, and genocidal. These “toxic texts” have caused some to set aside their Bibles as R-rated and unreliable. They have led others to completely reject their faith.

    Author and theologian Bradley Jersak has wrestled deeply with such passages over many years. He has experienced the same questions, doubt, and pain. In A More Christlike Word, he offers a clarifying and freeing path forward, whether you consider yourself a believer, a doubter, or a skeptic, inviting you to a better and more ancient way to read the Scriptures. He calls this path the “Emmaus Way” because it focuses on Jesus Christ as the final Word on God. It demonstrates how all Scripture, by design, points to Jesus, revealing the true nature of the Father.

    After deconstructing the modern biblicist/literalist approaches to Scripture interpretation that have failed us, Brad turns to the early church for a hermeneutic of prefigurement, treating the Bible as the grand narrative of redemption, told through a polyphony of voices and worldviews, culminating in the arrival of Christ as the eternal Word of God–what God has to say about himself.

    The interpretive system of the church fathers and mothers who gathered the New Testament and preached the gospel from the Old Testament has largely been ignored or dismissed by both evangelical and liberal movements, the twin children of modernity. The patristics explain and model the apostles’ Christ-centered interpretation of the Scriptures. Brad applies their approach to “unwrath” sample passages from each genre of the Bible, showing how even the cringe-worthy texts have an important place in the christotelic saga of divine love.

    Your journey on the Emmaus Way will open up to you the fullness of the Scriptures, and, most important, lead you to the God who deeply loves and welcomes you.

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  • What Happened From The Cross To The Throne


    Believe it or not, as they stood at the foot of the cross, the original disciples who walked in close companionship with Jesus knew nothing of the real mission of the man they followed. They did not realize who Christ was, why He came, why He had to suffer, and what was to be gained by His suffering. They did not know what happened on the cross, or during the three days and nights in the tomb before His resurrection. They did not know why the incarnation was important, or that it even was an incarnation. All they could see was the undeserved suffering of their friend and rabbi.

    Now, legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon reveals hidden truths there were not fully understood until the Pauline Revelation of the Epistles. Until God revealed these truths to the apostle Paul, no one understood why Christ came…why His death on the cross was necessary…or what exactly occurred in the tomb. They did not comprehend the good news: that because of these events, we now become the righteousness of God, people who can stand in God’s presence without a sense of guilt, shame, or inferiority. This is the miracle of redemption and the miracle of New Creation. It is the confidence to overcome the devil, to heal disease, and to call Lazarus out of the tomb.

    To this day, far too many believers share the disciple’s view of Jesus: a biographical account of the things He did, the words He spoke, and the suffering He endured. Because of this limited revelation, their Christian faith will experience the same fears and doubts the disciples were left with the day Jesus was crucified. Like the apostles at Pentecost, we must move beyond sense knowledge and into the Spirit realm. We must move beyond religion and into a living and active truth if we are to truly walk in a powerful and overcoming faith.

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  • Risen Christ : Jesus Final Words On Earth


    Jesus’ words from the cross are not Jesus’ last words on earth.

    Jesus appeared to his fearful and questioning disciples, encouraged them, and gave them his final instructions after his resurrection from the dead. In various settings and at different times, Jesus interacted with many of his followers to show them he was alive. His postresurrection dialogues with these women and men truly are Jesus’ last words!

    In this eight-session LifeGuide Bible study, you will meet the risen Jesus Christ and hear his words. May he encounter you in your life situations, encourage your faith and trust in him, and excite you about engaging others in discussions about Jesus.

    For over three decades LifeGuide Bible Studies have provided solid biblical content and raised thought-provoking questions-making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience for individuals and groups. This series has more than 130 titles on Old and New Testament books, character studies, and topical studies.

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  • Reunion


    SKU (ISBN): 9781513801391ISBN10: 1513801392Bruxy CaveyBinding: Cloth TextPublished: May 2017Publisher: Herald Press/MennoMedia

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  • Drawn In : A Perfectly Messy Way To Experience Jesus


    At last: a devotional that invites Jesus into both sides of your brain. The Jesus-centered Drawn In devotional draws you closer to Jesus by cranking up your creativity as you doodle…design…and complete on-page experiences that connect you with Jesus in fresh ways. That’s because all along the way you’ll answer afresh two foundational faith questions: Who do I say Jesus is, and who does Jesus say I am? And the answers to those questions change…everything.Drawn In is perfect for people who 1) have been Christians awhile, 2) have a creative streak, and 3) are hungry to spend meaningful, life-giving time with the One who loves them most. You’ll savor Drawn In’s perfect blend of… – Creative, interactive devotional activities-each of which fuels deep spiritual discovery and explores scriptural truth. – Can’t-ignore questions-inviting a satisfying, ongoing dialogue with Jesus. – A refreshed spirit-as you bask in the truth of who you are in Jesus.

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  • Jesus Centered Small Group Bible Studies (Student/Study Guide)


    Discover Jesus throughout the Bible-from cover to cover! Use these seven, one-hour studies to lead your adult small group, youth group, or Sunday school class to see Jesus in fresh, new ways. Jesus as Creator…as the second Adam…as life and faith’s cornerstone-you’ll make seven in-depth discoveries that help you see Jesus more clearly! You’ll experience… – A deeper faith Sessions include unique content drawn from the Jesus-Centered Bible. Insights into context, surprising stories, and penetrating essays prompt new as well as mature Christians to grow in their faith. – Deepening friendships You’ll grow closer to others as you and your friends respond to compelling conversation-starters, take part in large group discussions, and enjoy no-prep activities together. – Sessions that keep on teaching Each session features a reproducible sheet suggesting ways to extend the learning… and experience Jesus throughout the coming week! Please note: To experience these sessions you’ll need to have a Jesus-Centered Bible in hand. Material in the Jesus-Centered Bible isn’t reproduced again in the studies themselves.  

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  • Discovering The Real Jesus (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Profits Or Prophets? (2 V 13-25)
    2. Water For A Dry Soul (4 V 5-42)
    3. Soul Food (6 V 1-35)
    4. I Once Was Blind (9 V 1-41)
    5. Eternal Life (11 V 1-44)
    6. Death Isn’t The Last Word (19 V 1-37)
    7. The End Of Doubt (20 V 1-31)

    Additional Info
    Every Christian knows that Jesus is good news for everyone. Yet most of us struggle to share this good news with the people closest to us. Becky Pippert has spent years talking to people about Jesus and her experience shines through on each page of these seven Bible studies in John.

    Discovering the Real Jesus has been designed to make it easy for any Christian to share their faith with friends and family. The expertly crafted questions are designed to open up conversations as you look at seven encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of John.

    This flexible resource allows you to share your faith with one or more of your friends wherever they’re at spiritually and wherever you happen to meet up. All you need is a coffee and a copy of Discovering the Real Jesus for everyone. Even the Bible passages are included inside.

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  • Getting Jesus Right


    IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MUSLIMS ARE WRONG ABOUT JESUS AND VARIOUS TENETS OF ISLAM? Is the famous Muslim writer Reza Aslan mistaken in his portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth and apologetic for Islam? Professor James Beverley and Professor Craig Evans take an in-depth look at subjects at the core of the Muslim-Christian divide: the reliability of the New Testament Gospels and the Qur’an, and what we can really know about Jesus and the prophet Muhammad. Importantly, they also examine the implications of traditional Islamic faith on the status of women, jihad and terrorism.

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  • Uncovering The Life Of Jesus (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Standing Room Only
    2. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?
    3. You Can Go Home Again!
    4. Everybody Is Somebody To Jesus
    5. Game Over…?
    6. The Son Also Rises

    Additional Info
    Every Christian knows that Jesus is good news for everyone. Yet most of us struggle to share this good news with the people closest to us. Becky Pippert has spent years talking to people about Jesus and her experience shines through on each page of these six Bible studies in Luke.

    Uncovering the life of Jesus has been designed to make it easy for any Christian to share their faith with friends and family. The expertly crafted questions are designed to open up conversations as you look at six encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.

    This flexible resource allows you to share your faith with one or more of your friends wherever they’re at spiritually and wherever you happen to meet up. All you need is a coffee and a copy of Uncovering the life of Jesus for everyone. Even the Bible passages are included inside.

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  • Why Did Jesus Have To Die


    Our culture ignores it. Many within the church seem to be almost embarrassed by it. Many others understand that the cross of Christ is at the very heart of Christian faith and life.
    This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what the Bible, and Jesus himself, says about the cross, and how Christians should understand it today.

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  • Passion : How Christs Final Day Changes Your Every Day


    1. The Cup
    2. Betrayal And Denial
    3. The Mockery
    4. Three Kings
    5. Give Us Barabbas!
    6. The Long Walk
    7. Father, Forgive
    8. Two Criminals
    9. Climax
    10. Another Day

    Additional Info
    Some people see Jesus’ death as a historical footnote, buried in the past. Christians understand it is much more than that, and know it has transformed their future.

    But often we don’t realise how much Jesus’ last day should change our present, too.

    Walking readers through Luke’s Gospel, US pastor and well-known author Mike McKinley looks at the events of the last day of Jesus’ earthly life. At each point, he pauses to marvel at the love Christ has for His people; and shows how Jesus’ people can learn from His passion, His care, and His integrity.

    This unique book is perfect for both new and mature Christians. While great for reading at any time in the year, it’s particularly helpful to read during Lent or Holy Week.

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  • Christ Of The Empty Tomb


    The Message of Easter is kept more in the background of the holiday than that of Christmas. After all, this is not the joyous welcoming of a baby with the giving of gifts, this is the brutal death of a young man, stripped of any gifts and dignity. For the Easter story to work as a joyous occasion you have to accept two stories – the death of Jesus – a negative event – and then the resurrection of Jesus – which requires faith. Without faith, the events speak of failure, with faith, they speak of triumph. Here the drama, purpose and events of Easter interplay around these two stories – and bring out the joy.

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  • Life Of Jesus Pamphlet


    14 Panels, Fits Inside Most Bibles, 8.5 X 5.5 Inches, Unfolds To 38 Inches Long.

    Additional Info
    Who is Jesus and how is he different from all other religious leaders? In just 14 full-color pages, you’ll see how Jesus and the New Testament writers answered this important question in their own words. Discover why Jesus came, what he taught, what he did-and why it matters now. Includes a time line of Jesus’ life and a chart of key beliefs about Jesus. A wonderful introduction or refresher for seekers, new believers, and life-long Christians.

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  • Christ Of Christmas


    The Christmas story evokes many touching images. Halos, fresh hay, shepherds carrying newborn lambs and young motherhood in blue homespun. It’s enough to bring tears to the eyes of Christmastime churchgoers. But the Christmas story is more than sentimental – it is powerful. It deals with real people, it involves pain and it is one the most strikingly unusual stories in all of history. Above all, its main emphasis is not on the infancy of Jesus but on the deity of Jesus – and why that deity took the form of an infant. It’s a story that still has deep meaning today.

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  • Names Of Jesus Wall Chart


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596360570ISBN10: 1596360577Binding: OtherPublished: March 2006Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Names Of Jesus Pamphlet


    12-14 Panels Unfolds To 33″ Long.
    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet

    Additional Info
    Names of Jesus pamphlet
    There are many names for Jesus given in the Bible and each has a special blessing for us that will enrich your worship and prayer life. This fold-out pamphlet shows more than 50 names for Jesus, each with the meaning and Bible reference:
    * King of Kings, Lord of Lords
    * Good Shepherd
    * Chief Cornerstone
    * The Way, The Truth, and the Life
    * Advocate
    * I AM
    * Wonderful Counselor
    * High Priest
    * Holy One
    * Alpha and Omega
    * Mighty God
    * Morning Star
    * Lion of Judah
    * Son of God
    * Son of Man
    * Rock
    * Immanuel
    * Beloved
    * and many more

    This beautiful chart gives the definition, a scripture reference, and shows the spiritual meaning for today.

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  • Evidence For The Resurrection Wall Chart Laminated


    Evidence for the Resurrection wall chart
    Here are 12 reasons skeptics should believe that Jesus died and rose again. Examine the historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Also know the answers to other beliefs held by atheists and others. Learn why the resurrection is central for Christians. Discover the evidence that has convinced critics over the years

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  • Evidence For The Resurrection Pamphlet


    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet
    Size: 8.5″ X 5.5″ 12-14 Panels Unfolds To 33″ Long

    Additional Info
    Pamphlet: Evidence for the Resurrection
    Here are 12 reasons skeptics should believe that Jesus died and rose again. Examine the historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Also know the answers to other beliefs held by atheists and others. Learn why the resurrection is central for Christians. Discover the evidence that has convinced critics over the years.

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  • 100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus Pamphlet


    Unfolds To 33″ Long.
    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet

    Additional Info
    Students will be amazed to discover that Jesus fulfilled more than 100 prophecies that were foretold 400-1500 years before he was born concerning his birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection. Reproducible worksheets on back. Now available as a pamphlet.

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  • Life Of Jesus Wall Chart Laminated


    The bright colorful chart shows kids 25 major events in Jesus life, His birth, miracles, healings, His death, burial, and ascension. The chart may be cut into strips and used as a time line.

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  • Genealogy Of Jesus Christ Wall Chart Laminated


    The Genealogy of Jesus Christ is an extra large wall chart showing Jesus’ family tree all the way back to Adam and Eve. (Researcher William Demery worked for many years on this project, then made copies by hand-a 16-hour task!) Now it is available with more than 1000 names and 100 fascinating facts.

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  • Where Jesus Walked Then And Now Wall Chart Laminated


    Heavy Chart Paper.

    Additional Info
    Perfect for Stories About Jesus
    Where Jesus Walked: Then and Now compares a Bible map of the lands where Jesus walked, side-by-side with modern-day cities and countries of the same area. Shows Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Jericho, the Jordan River, and every other place Jesus walked. Great for teaching the Gospels and the book of Acts. Available laminated or unlaminated.
    Topics include: Bethany, Bethlehem, Bethsaida, Bible map, Caesarea, Caesarea-Philippi, Cana, Capernaum, Chorazin, Damascus, Dan, Dead Sea, Egypt, Emmaus, Galilee ministry, Garden of Gethsemane, Gaza, Golan Heights, Golgotha, Idumea, Israel, Jericho, Jerusalem, Jesus ascension, Jesus baptism, Jesus birth, Jesus early ministry, Jesus final week, Jesus resurrection, Jesus youth, Jordan, Jordan River, Judean ministry, Lake Huldah, Lebanon, life of Jesus, Magdala, Masada, Mediterranean Sea, ministry in Galilee, ministry in Judea, ministry in Perea, Mt. of Olives, Nazareth, Perean ministry, Qumram, Samaria, Sea of Galilee, Sidon, Syria, then and now, where Jesus walked

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  • Tabernacle Wall Chart Laminated


    The Tabernacle: Old Testament Symbolism Points to Jesus
    Whether you are teaching about Moses or the book of Hebrews, you need this chart. The Tabernacle wall chart is a beautiful teaching aid for children and adults. Many adults study the Tabernacle for the rich Old Testament symbolism that points to Jesus. See the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priests’ duties, and Jesus’ service as the perfect sacrifice and perfect high priest. An excellent opportunity to share the Gospel in an unexpected way, by showing how God made a way for people to have fellowship with Him. On the back of The Tabernacle wall chart there are four reproducible worksheets.

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