Letter For Joe (DVD)


A fun, modern day retelling of the story of Joseph
Joe Roberts (Evan Schwalb) idolizes his older brother, Denny (Neil Schwalb), and Denny’s college friends. But to the guys, Joe is a pesky nuisance whose Christian faith makes him strange, so Denny devises an elaborate prank to write a fake letter and send Joe on a wild goose chase to strike up a friendship with the richest man in America, the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes (Jeff Wise).

Grateful for the opportunity, Joe spends all his savings on a flight to meet Mr. Hughes, armed with the phony letter and God’s promises that all things work together for good. However, what started as a practical joke turns serious as each man puts God’s forgiveness to the test. Set in small-town Florida and the freewheeling Las Vegas of the 1970s, this modern retelling of the biblical story of Joseph also features Gena Burghoff as Jodi Curtis and the original song “Finally” performed by Nick Hildyard.


SKU (ISBN): 9781563713088
Binding: Video DVD
Published: 2014
Publisher: Bridgestone MultiMedia Group



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