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  • Baptism Second Edition


    Answers to the most important questions about Christian baptism.

    Baptism is a step of obedience for every believer, but behind this simple act lies a rich tapestry of Christian belief and teaching. In the second edition of this short volume, Larry Dyer responds to the most common questions Christians have about baptism in nontechnical language, making it ideal for personal or small-group study. He explains what baptism is, what it means, why it is necessary, and what the mode of baptism should be. He also addresses whether infant baptism should be practiced, and whether baptism contributes to a believer’s salvation. He ends the book with practical advice for how to prepare for and enjoy one’s experience of baptism. Continue Reading Baptism Second Edition

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  • Truth We Can Touch


    Many Christians often feel confused about the sacraments of baptism and Communion. What is happening when someone goes down into the water in baptism? What’s the significance of eating bread and wine together as a church on Sunday mornings? In this book, Tim Chester makes a compelling case that God has given us truth we can touch for a reason: the sacraments embody the promises, grace, and presence of Christ. He looks throughout the Bible to explain how the sacraments are intended to actually shape Christians’ lives by giving us physical bread, wine, and water we can point to as an expression of our union with Christ. The aim is to help readers treasure baptism and Communion and approach them rightly so churches can receive the full benefit God intends them to physically bring us. Continue Reading Truth We Can Touch

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  • What Is Baptism


    Christians agree that baptism is an essential practice in the church, and they also agree that it does not in itself save people from their sins. But why is there disagreement when it comes to whom should be baptized and how?

    In this booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul introduces us to the sacrament of baptism and explains why well-meaning Christians come to different conclusions about it. As he unpacks its meaning, we see that baptism is a sign and seal of God’s promise of redemption, of cleansing from sin, and of new life in Christ.

    The Crucial Questions booklet series by Dr. R.C. Sproul offers succinct answers to important questions often asked by Christians and thoughtful inquirers. Continue Reading What Is Baptism

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  • Baptism : Answers To Common Questions


    This is a good introduction to baptism, written in an irenic spirit and covering a wide range of relevant material. I expect that many will find this helpful and will come to a richer appreciation of what baptism signifies. Continue Reading Baptism : Answers To Common Questions

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  • Baptism Promises


    The perfect baptism gift!

    Baptism Promises helps explain to children the significance of their baptism and the promises their family and church community made to them during the sacrament. Featuring easy-to-follow language, bright, inclusive artwork, and four simple prayers, this inspiring book is perfect for gift-giving and comes in a board-book format so that even the smallest of hands can hold it. A special dedication page is included in the front of the book. Ideal for children ages 2-4. Continue Reading Baptism Promises

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  • Martin Luther On Holy Baptism


    In the United States of America, where Baptist theology is the default for Christianity, Martin Luther’s teaching on Baptism stands out. His views of Baptism, which assert that baptism imparts and guarantees salvation, even in infants, seem radical in today’s context. But this perspective places all the work of salvation in Christ, not in humans.

    This work compiles Luther’s preaching on Baptism in Wittenberg from 1525 to 1539. Half of the volume is newly translated for the first time in this book. A new introduction and study notes, and the omission of technical footnotes, set this edition apart. Continue Reading Martin Luther On Holy Baptism

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  • Why Be Baptized


    In this wonderful book, filled with inspiring illustrations, questions will be addressed about this sacred ceremony called baptism.

    On a child’s level, we will first focus on the story of Jesus’baptism, then we will address why baptism is a special part of becoming a true child of God. Learning this truth will help your child understand this important ritual of the church and be obedient to God all the days of his or her life.
    You will find that reading this book to your child (especially ages 6 and above) will open up opportunities for you to talk about the love of God and the amazing plan of salvation for the human race.

    Every church should have this book available in your children’s classes. Continue Reading Why Be Baptized

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  • Infant Baptism : What Christian Parents Should Know


    Shows why the children of believers are special in God’s sight and what it means for them to be baptized.

    Continue Reading Infant Baptism : What Christian Parents Should Know

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