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Church Administration

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  • Navigating The Future


    Traditioned innovation is a habit of being and living that cultivates a certain kind of moral imagination shaped by storytelling and expressed in creative, transformational action. Moral imagination is about character, which depends on ongoing formation that takes place in friendships and communities that embody traditions and that are sustained by institutions.

    There is no quick-fix or set of techniques that will create a mindset of traditioned innovation. But we do believe that you can learn to cultivate it by:
    *Becoming immersed in an imaginative engagement with the story of God told through Scripture

    *Learning from exemplary institutions, communities, and people practicing traditioned innovation.

    *Discovering new skills for integrating character formation and dense networks of friendships, communities and institutions into your leadership and life.

    Navigating the Future will explore stories and tips for cultivating traditioned innovation that will stimulate your thinking and inspire your imagination for more faithful and fruitful living along with the cultivation of more vibrant, life-giving institutions. Continue Reading Navigating The Future

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  • John MacArthur Handbook Of Effective Biblical Leadership


    An overseer…must be above reproach. 1 Timothy 3:2

    Scripture holds leaders and teachers of the Word to an incredibly high standard. And for good reason. Shepherding God’s children into salvation is an enormous responsibility. Even more now than ever, today’s church needs great leaders who faithfully proclaim the Word of God and equip believers to live it out. But great leaders need great role models.

    Bestselling author John MacArthur has compiled, from the internationally renowned Shepherd’s Conference hosted at Grace community Church, the best-ever messages for Christian leaders–now available in a single volume. Alongside MacArthur’s candid, instructive writings you’ll find the works of other proven ministry leaders, such as John Piper, Steven Lawson, RC Sproul, Ligon Duncan, and Al Mohler.

    Whether you’re a pastor, elder, or leader in your church, or someone wanting to be more effective in your spiritual leadership, you will learn to…

    guide others with integrity and conviction deliver God’s Word with passion and power accurately interpret and apply God’s Word
    When you accept the challenge to be a leader who is above reproach both in ministry and personally, you will become better equipped to fulfill your calling to lead with excellence. Continue Reading John MacArthur Handbook Of Effective Biblical Leadership

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  • High Impact Teams


    Experienced pastor and ministry leader equips Christian leaders to build healthy teams that perform at their highest level. Continue Reading High Impact Teams

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  • Anchored : Leading Through The Storms


    Anchored encourages ministry leaders to lead with integrity in the midst of difficult life storms. Sharing personal examples, ministry leader and pastor’s wife Cynthia Cavanaugh equips believers with the biblical and leadership principles necessary to maintain influence and to courageously remain anchored to the Rock–Jesus Christ. So when those storms come, and they will, you’ll know how to deal with that deep question: how can I lead in the midst of this storm and keep my witness in tact? Continue Reading Anchored : Leading Through The Storms

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  • ReMission : Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement


    A systemic disease is lurking inside the church that is derailing it from what God intended it to be, to know, and to do. That disease is practical ignorance and isolation. If the church is to be healthy and thriving, its members must gain the needed know-how and skillsets to meaningfully engage with their increasingly difficult-to-reach unsaved neighbors, communities, and cultures in productive conversations about the good news of Jesus Christ. In other words, there must be a re-missioning of the body of Christ. Blending honest analysis with innovating principles, ReMission places the onus of change at the feet of today’s leaders. Each chapter of ReMission builds upon the next to practically equip leaders with tried-and-tested solutions that can outwardly mobilize a congregation, small group, or nonprofit ministry, and substantially increase the spiritual vitality of the body of Christ, both locally and globally. ReMission isn’t only focused on developing new outfrastructure; its aim is also to breathe new life into God’s kingdom and His chosen leaders who are serious enough to implement the life-changing strategies that are sorely needed. Continue Reading ReMission : Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement

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  • Lies Pastors Believe


    All of us are tempted to believe lies about ourselves.

    For many pastors, the lies we’re tempted to believe have to do with our identity: that God has called us to lead a movement, that we must sacrifice our home life for our ministry life, or that our image as holy is more important than our actual pursuit of holiness.

    In Lies Pastors Believe, pastor and professor Dayton Hartman takes aim at these and other lies he has faced in his own ministry and seen other pastors struggle with. With a winsome and engaging style, Hartman shows current and future pastors why these lies are so tempting, the damage they can do, and how they can be resisted by believing and applying the truth of the gospel. Continue Reading Lies Pastors Believe

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  • Beyond Stewardship : A Church Guide To Generous Giving Campaign


    Authors John Zehring and Kate Jagger bring their extensive fundraising experience to bear in this practical resource for churches. Beyond Stewardship applies the best principles of fundraising to the annual giving campaign in local congregations. Emphasizing the individual givers and the act of giving as integral to spiritual life, this book goes beyond typical stewardship models to celebrate the generosity already demonstrated by church members and to invite further giving based on that generous past.

    Using a collaborative paradigm that engages leadership across the church, this volume offers four interlocking strategies for a successful annual giving campaign: concentric circles of commitment, personal visits, public witness, and direct mail.

    Key features:

    * Detailed roadmap for planning and executing annual giving campaigns.

    * Special section on raising funds for ‘specific purpose’ campaigns.

    * Features a practical appendix of tools and resources.

    * Well-published author has written nine books and ten e-books on subjects including Christian living and leadership.
    Continue Reading Beyond Stewardship : A Church Guide To Generous Giving Campaign

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  • Focusing Your Church Board


    Church boards are often the scene of confusion, conflict, and chaos. What’s the job of a board? What’s the role of the pastor in relation to the board? Should there be an elder board and an administrative board? Ted Hull’s use of illustrations and analogies bring these questions-and answers-into focus.

    Ted first looks at the foundation of governance, both from a biblical and historic perspective. Then he introduces Policy Governance(R), often referred to as the Carver model, and confronts questions regarding whether this secular model can work in the church, or if it should even be allowed. He even argues for why a church board may not want to use Policy Governance.

    When you’re done reading, you’ll never look at the role of a church board in the same way again. In fact, whether you’re a member of your church board or the board of any charity, you’ll find yourself reaching for this book more than once. Continue Reading Focusing Your Church Board

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  • Minding His Business


    In most cases, when a church needs a lawyer, it hires a lawyer. When it needs a plumber, it hires a plumber. But when it comes to making business decisions, most churches convene well-meaning but often inexperienced volunteers to form a committee, then they take a month and vote on the color to paint a door in the nursery. Conducting business this way kills the vision and drains the passion out of right-brained, creative, relational pastors and ministry leaders.

    The modern church is being poorly managed and does not know it. The level of inefficiency and waste in today’s churches is staggering. The church is not a business but it conducts business, and in most cases, the people conducting church business are not trained and/or experienced in business.

    This book was written to convey basic business wisdom, management principles, and best practices to right-brained, creative, relational people (i.e. pastors). Unlike intimidating business textbooks, it is written in forty short vignettes designed to be read like a daily devotional. Each chapter deals with everyday challenges and offers real-life examples derived from more than thirty years of experience that show how to (and sometimes how not to) handle each situation. Continue Reading Minding His Business

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  • Stan Tolers Practical Guide To Leading Staff


    How can senior pastors help others reach their ministry potential? With this guide, you’ll learn about the character of a leader, identifying values and expectations, casting vision and creating strategy, setting goals and supervising for success, and coaching and teambuilding. Continue Reading Stan Tolers Practical Guide To Leading Staff

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  • Stan Tolers Practical Guide To Hiring Staff


    Getting the right staff at the right time can make or break a congregation’s momentum. Drawing from his vast experience as a senior pastor and leader of large organizations, Toler shares the secrets that will make your first hire the right one. Subjects include: casting the vision for staff expansion, funding a new position, communicating vision to staff members, setting staff expectations, interviewing, the first thirty days, and how to be a great boss. Continue Reading Stan Tolers Practical Guide To Hiring Staff

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  • Complete Sunday School Record Book


    It is important to keep accurate records, and this Complete Sunday School Record Book helps with this task. This book includes space for 13 classes of 29 students each, with weekly summaries, and tracks information for one year. Continue Reading Complete Sunday School Record Book

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