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Category: Denominational Concerns

Denominational Concerns

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  • Methodist Mission At 200


    For more than 200 years, Methodists have shared God’s love with the world and relieve human suffering by offering healing, hope, and holiness everywhere. Serving Faithfully Amid the Tensions tells the story of these global efforts, beginning with John Stewart’s ministry among the Wyandotte Nation in America, and what we as Methodists have learned about God’s mission along the way. This book also describes how Global Ministries is living out these lessons of cooperation, humility, relationship, and practicing holistic mission that promotes personal, social, and cosmic transformation as we work and live amid the tensions that enrich and expand our awareness of Methodist identity in God’s diverse world. Continue Reading Methodist Mission At 200

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  • Im Black Im Christian Im Methodist


    Ten personal narratives reveal the shared and distinct struggles of being Black in the Church, facing historic and modern racism.

    It’s uncertain that Howard Thurman made the remark often attributed to him, I have been writing this book all my life, but there is little doubt that he was deeply immersed in reflection on the times that bear an uncanny resemblance to the present day, which give voice to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Our life’s book is filled with sentence upon sentence of marginalization, pages of apartheid, chapters of separate and unequal. Now this season reveals volumes of violence against Blacks in America.

    Ten Black women and men explore life through the lens of compelling personal religious narratives. They are people and leaders whose lives are tangible demonstrations of the power of a divine purpose and evidence of what grace really means in face of hardship, disappointment, and determination. Each of the journeys intersect because of three central elements that are the focus of this book. We’re Black. We’re Christians. We’re Methodists. Each starts with the fact, I’m Black, but to resolve the conflict of being Christian and Methodist means confronting aspects of White theology, White supremacy, and White racism in order to ground an oppositional experience toward domination over four centuries in America. Continue Reading Im Black Im Christian Im Methodist

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  • History Of The Black Baptist Church


    The history of black people in the United States is a history of challenge and resilience, of suffering and solidarity, of injustice and prophetic resistance. It is a history steeped in the hope and strength that African Americans have derived from their faith in God and from the church that provided safety, community, consolation, and empowerment. In this new volume from pastor and scholar Rev. Dr. Wayne Croft, the history of the black Baptist church unfolds-from its theological roots in the Radical Reformation of Europe and North America, to the hush arbors and praise houses of slavery’s invisible institution, to the evolution of distinctively black denominations. In a wonderfully readable narrative style, the author relates the development of diverse black Baptist associations and conventions, from the eighteenth century through the twentieth century’s civil rights movement. Ideal for clergy and laity alike, the book highlights key leaders, theological concepts, historic events, and social concerns that influenced the growth of what we know today as the diverse black Baptist family of churches. Continue Reading History Of The Black Baptist Church

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  • Baptists And The Christian Tradition


    In Baptists and the Christian Tradition, editors Matthew Emerson, Christopher Morgan and Lucas Stamps compile a series of essays advocating Baptist catholicity. This approach presupposes a critical, but charitable, engagement with the whole church, both past and present, along with the desire to move beyond the false polarities of an Enlightenment-based individualism on the one hand and a pastiche of postmodern relativism on the other.
    Continue Reading Baptists And The Christian Tradition

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  • Grace Faith Scripture


    Grace, Faith, Scripture offers a clear explanation of the Lutheran faith, centered on the three solas – Scripture, grace, and faith – providing Lutherans and non-Lutherans with a better understanding of the unique Lutheran view.

    Grace, Faith, Scripture can be read devotionally by established Lutherans, and used in Bible studies and new member classes, home Bible studies, and high school youth group studies. It also can be a tool for pastors who want to explain the essence of the Lutheran faith to individuals or groups. Continue Reading Grace Faith Scripture

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  • Humble Calvinism : And If I Know The Five Points, But Have Not Love…


    1. The Problem With Calvinists
    2. Humble Calvinism Is Not An Oxymoron
    3. Point One: Level Ground
    4. Point Two: Love, Regardless
    5. Point Three: Specific Service
    6. Point Four: The Family Business
    7. Point Five: Credit God
    8. We’re Calvinists Best When We Aren’t Calvinists First

    Additional Info
    Humble Calvinism is both a helpful summary of what Calvinism is, and a helpful challenge to those who are convinced Calvinists. It calls us to hold Calvinism in our hearts, not just in our heads, so that we are humble and gracious as well as zealous for the truth, to the praise and glory of Christ and his church.

    Author Jeff Medders admits that he is quick to defend Calvinism, but often slow to humbly love Christians who take a different view. His warm-hearted, challenging (and surprisingly witty) book takes readers through the the five points of Calvinism, revealing that a true understanding has a humbling effect on our hearts, fueling a love of Christ and his people that builds others up, rather than tearing them down. Continue Reading Humble Calvinism : And If I Know The Five Points, But Have Not Love…

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  • Joy Project : An Introduction To Calvinism With Study Guide (Expanded)


    True happiness is not found. It finds you.

    We think of our chase for joy as a fundamental right-and it’s no surprise. By nature we are pleasure-seekers, though chronically unsuccessful at finding the type of joy that will endure for more than a passing moment.

    But what if long-lasting joy isn’t found at all? What if the deepest and most durable happiness breaks into our lives, overcomes our boredom, and ultimately finds us? What if true joy is out of our reach, but reaches for us?

    (This updated edition now includes a Study Guide for each chapter.) Continue Reading Joy Project : An Introduction To Calvinism With Study Guide (Expanded)

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  • Handbook Of Denominations In The United States


    The Handbook of Denominations in the United States has been the gold standard for reference works about religious bodies in America. It is a helpful resource for clergy, laity, journalists, and researchers. This authoritative guidebook to U.S. religions is grouped in family categories of Abrahamic religions, arranged chronologically: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The information for each group within these families has been provided by the religious organizations themselves and focuses on the denominations’ doctrines, statistics, and histories. The 14th edition is completely updated with current statistics, new denominations, and recent trends. The book has been made more useful and manageable by moving very small groups into broader articles while giving more detail and description to the large and influential denominations. Continue Reading Handbook Of Denominations In The United States

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  • Still Protesting : Why The Reformation Still Matters


    In this book, D. G. Hart investigates what was at stake in the sixteenth century and why Protestantism still matters. Of note is the author’s recognition that the Reformers addressed the most basic question that confronts all human beings: How can a sinner be right with and worship in good conscience a righteous God who demands sinless perfection? Protestants used to believe that this question, along with the kind of life that followed from answers to it, was at the heart of their disagreement with Rome. Still Protesting arises from the conviction that the Reformers’ answers to life’s most important questions, based on their study of the Bible and theological reflection, are as superior today as they were when they provided the grounds for Christians in the West to abandon the bishop of Rome. Continue Reading Still Protesting : Why The Reformation Still Matters

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  • Playing With Holy Fire


    In this book Dr. Michael L. Brown addresses some of the most glaring problems in the Pentecostal-Charismatic church both in America and worldwide-but with the broken heart of a caring father in the faith, not with a rod of condemnation. An even greater harvest is upon us.

    The church has been plagued by repeated instances of sexual immorality, financial corruption, doctrinal error, personal flakiness, spiritual gullibility, prophetic abuse, celebrity leadership, and more, all under the cloak of liberty in the Spirit. Because of this critics have mocked us, and sincere believers have lost their faith. Continue Reading Playing With Holy Fire

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  • Sermons For The Sunday After Christmas New Years Day And Epiphany


    Martin Luther (1483-1546) was a German monk, priest, professor, theologian, and church reformer whose teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced not only the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions but also the course of Western civilization.

    Luther emphasized salvation based on faith in the merits of Jesus Christ alone. He dealt the symbolic blow that began the Reformation when he nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. That document contained an attack on papal abuses and the sale of indulgences by Catholic Church officials.

    In this unique volume, the reader will find Luther’s most significant sermons for the Sunday after Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany, following the church year’s most significant lectionary readings associated with the major feasts and fasts. Luther wrote thousands of pages of exposition during his life, but this book makes available in a single volume a core collection of his writing for this liturgical season, featuring Scripture readings that include the most familiar events from the life of Jesus. Other volumes in this series include Luther’s Sermons for Advent and Christmas Day, and his Sermons for Lent and Easter through Trinity Sunday (including Christ’s Ascension and Pentecost). These writings represent the heart of Luther’s thoughts on the Christian faith and his ideas for practical faith in that life. Continue Reading Sermons For The Sunday After Christmas New Years Day And Epiphany

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  • Essential Writings Of Meredith G Kline


    The scholarship of Meredith G. Kline (1922-2007) was characterized by a very high view of Scripture, a strong commitment to a Reformed view of biblical theology (centered on covenant), explication of the coherence of the Old and New Testaments, and, most of all, a desire to focus the attention of both scholars and lay Christians on the centrality of Christ’s redemptive work of justifying his people and imbuing them with his perfect righteousness. Kline’s writings are often quite creative and full of fresh insights, thoroughly intellectual but also pastoral, and they have provided many with the exciting, energizing feeling that they are reading and understanding the biblical text-and how Scripture in its entirety hangs together-for the first time.

    Essential Writings of Meredith G. Kline presents sixteen articles that Meredith G. Kline wrote over a period of forty years. The articles display the unique, creative, and Christocentric way in which Kline interpreted the entire Bible. They cover a range of topics, thereby providing a good overview of Kline’s scholarship. Topics include covenant, law, and the state; faith, the gospel, and justification; redemption; and resurrection and the consummation. Pastors and scholars, especially those in the Reformed community, will be delighted by the fresh insights and wisdom, and sometimes paradigm-changing perspectives, found in the pages of this book. Continue Reading Essential Writings Of Meredith G Kline

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