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Category: Jewish and Messianic

Jewish and Messianic

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  • Borough Park Papers Symposium 4


    The purpose of the Symposiums is to provide a forum for members of the broader Messianic Jewish community to articulate their beliefs with an expectation that they will receive a respectful hearing, but without the expectation that agreement concerning these beliefs will be achieved. The Symposium is designed to provide an internal platform for leaders to better understand each another and the various positions held within the Messianic movement. As you read the New Testament, you overhear debates first-century Messianic Jews had about critical issues, e.g. Gentiles being allowed into the Messianic kingdom (Acts 15). Similarly, you’re now invited to listen in as leading twenty-first century Messianic Jewish theologians discuss critical issues facing us today. Some ideas may not fit into your previously held pre-suppositions or pre-conceptions. Indeed, you may find some paradigm shifting in your thinking. We want to share the thoughts of the following thinkers with you, our family in the Messiah. Continue Reading Borough Park Papers Symposium 4

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  • Israel The Church And The Middle East


    The relationship between the church and Israel has been the source of passionate debate among Christians throughout much of church history. In recent years the traditional pro-Israel stance of evangelicals has come under fire by those who support the Palestinian cause, calling for a new perspective and more nuanced approach by Christians who believe that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people by virtue of God’s covenants and promises.

    Israel, the Church, and the Middle East challenges the supersessionist drift of the modern church, showing that God retains a plan and purpose for the Jewish people while also addressing a number of the divisive issues raised by authors critical both of Israel and of those who affirm Israel’s right to the land. The book explores the hermeneutics and wider effects of the conflict, such as the growing antipathy within the church toward the evangelization of the Jewish people. It provides readers with an objective and interdisciplinary treatment, which is irenic and respectful in tone.

    The book is directed toward pastors, global Christian leaders, theological students, and well-read lay Christians who are actively seeking guidance and resources regarding the Middle East conflict. The contributors represent a broad evangelical spectrum. Continue Reading Israel The Church And The Middle East

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  • Sacred Dissonance : The Blessing Of Difference In Jewish Christian Dialogue


    Moving beyond the all-too-common shallow recognition of differences, Sacred Dissonance: The Blessing of Difference in Jewish- Christian Dialogue explores the essential distinctions between religious identities and the cultural boundaries between Jews and Christians. Co-authored by colleagues deeply committed to their respective faiths-one a Jewish lawyer, one a Christian New Testament scholar-this book stands in opposition to the notion that all religions are basically the same, an idea commonly put forward in many secular circles or among those who follow personally appointed folkways rather than traditional religions.

    Through deeply introspective essays on topics as personal as neighborhood relations and hospitality, and as difficult and sweeping as the Holocaust, Sacred Dissonance challenges the notion that a passive and self-contained approach to religious distinction will bring about peaceful coexistence. In candid conversations between the authors, every section of Sacred Dissonance models the ways in which conversation can be the means of both addressing a difficult past and a challenging present. In the course of exploring the ways in which Jews and Christians can speak to one another, Le Donne and Behrendt show that Christianity can become a pro-Jewish religion, Judaism can become a pro-Christian religion, and communities of faith can open space for others, rather than turning them away, even without breaking down the differences between them. Continue Reading Sacred Dissonance : The Blessing Of Difference In Jewish Christian Dialogue

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  • Ephesians : Rabbi Paul Enlightens The Ephesians On Walking With Messiah Yes


    The Ephesian congregation was a diverse group of Jews and Gentiles, united together in Messiah. They experienced many blessings in their own lives and de nitely had an impact on the rst century world in which they lived. But the Rabbi was not just writing to that local group. What is Paul saying to us?
    Covers such topics as the Jewish background of
    First century worship services Explores major issues such as
    Relationship of Jews and non-Jews who form the messianic community.
    Practical ways to apply our faith to marriage, parenting and careers. Continue Reading Ephesians : Rabbi Paul Enlightens The Ephesians On Walking With Messiah Yes

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  • Jewish Roots : Understanding Your Jewish Faith (Revised)


    Are your roots firmly grounded in Scripture?

    The destiny of Israel and the Christian Church is bound together, evident in the Scriptures. Learning this truth is essential for survival.

    Jewish Roots-A Foundation of Biblical Theology is an introduction to biblical theology from a Jewish contextual point of view plus practical evaluation and council for the Messianic Jewish communities and the Christian Church.

    Jewish Roots presents the fundamentals regarding biblical theology, Israel and the Church, the Jewish people, the Messianic Jewish community, and much more. Important matters are discussed such as the relationship of law and grace, the role of the Spirit, and an approach to Judaism.

    This new edition considers recent biblical scholarship and evaluates the progress of the Messianic Jewish community-a pulsating grass roots movement among Jewish and non-Jewish followers of Jesus of Nazareth who recognize and identify with their Jewishness.

    Messianic Judaism and Messianic Jewish biblical theology are significant not only to those who are part of Messianic Jewish congregations-indeed, because the destiny of Israel and the Church is bound together, Messianic Jewish theology has implications of great importance for all people worldwide. Continue Reading Jewish Roots : Understanding Your Jewish Faith (Revised)

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  • Introduction To Messianic Judaism


    This book is the go-to source for introductory information on Messianic Judaism. Editors David Rudolph and Joel Willitts have assembled a thorough examination of the ecclesial context and biblical foundations of the diverse Messianic Jewish movement. Unique among similar works in its Jew-Gentile partnership, this book brings together a team of respected Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christian scholars, including Mark Kinzer, Richard Bauckham, Markus Bockmuehl, Craig Keener, Darrell Bock, Scott Hafemann, Daniel Harrington, R. Kendall Soulen, Douglas Harink and others. Opening essays, written by Messianic Jewish scholars and synagogue leaders, provide a window into the on-the-ground reality of the Messianic Jewish community and reveal the challenges, questions and issues with which Messianic Jews grapple. The following predominantly Gentile Christian discussion explores a number of biblical and theological issues that inform our understanding of the Messianic Jewish ecclesial context. Here is a balanced and accessible introduction to the diverse Messianic Jewish movement that both Gentile Christian and Messianic Jewish readers will find informative and fascinating. Continue Reading Introduction To Messianic Judaism

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  • Awakening To Messiah


    Discover the Jewish Jesus! Teaching the Judaic roots of the Christian faith, fostering a deeper love for Yeshua, and sharing the Good News of Messiah with both Jew and Gentile.In Awakening to Messiah, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider takes you on a personal journey, revealing how the Lord has appeared and has spoken to him over the past 30 years. You will vicariously experience some of the challenges he has faced as a Jewish believer in Messiah, including being kidnapped by a famous deprogrammer who hoped to destroy his faith in Jesus.More importantly, he shares lessons that the Holy Spirit has taught him, causing you to both consider and confirm your own beliefs. In this true adventure, you will discover how the Old and New Testaments connect like a hand in a glove! Continue Reading Awakening To Messiah

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  • Red Heifer : A Jewish Cry For Messiah


    Award-winning journalist and playwright Anthony Cardinale has traveled extensively in Israel, and recounts here his interviews with Orthodox rabbis, secular Israelis, and Palestinian Arabs about the current search for a red heifer by Jewish radicals wishing to rebuild the Temple and bring the Messiah. These real-life interviews are interwoven within an engaging and dramatic fictional portrayal of the diverse people of Israel and how they would react should that red heifer be found. Readers will find themselves in the Land, where they can hear learned rabbis and ordinary Israelis talking about the red heifer and dealing with all the related issues and the imminent coming and identity of Messiah. Continue Reading Red Heifer : A Jewish Cry For Messiah

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  • Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel


    A book that introduces Christians to the Jewish roots of their faith, challenges some conventional ideas, and raises some neglected questions: how are both the Jews and the Church God`s people? Does the Law of Moses remain in force today? Filled with insight! Continue Reading Restoring The Jewishness Of The Gospel

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  • Havdalah : The Ceremony That Completes The Sabbath


    Most people know that Shabbat – the Sabbath Day – begins on Friday evening at sundown with a special ceremony – lighting candles, eating bread, drinking wine and making blessings. But most people don`t know that the Sabbath ends with another shorter, yet equally sweet, ceremony called havdalah. Practiced by observant Jews for millennia, it is now returning, not just among Jews, but among Christians who are searching to understand the Jewish background of their Faith.

    Continue Reading Havdalah : The Ceremony That Completes The Sabbath

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  • Christ In The Passover Pamphlet


    Celebrate your Jewish Roots

    The Passover is the Old Testament feast that celebrates and remembers God’s liberation of Israel from Egypt. It also foreshadow’s Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

    * Examine the biblical origin and symbolism of the Passover to better understand the comparison of Jesus with the Passover lamb
    * Compare the Passover seder with the Lord’s Supper
    * Includes a plan for a Christian seder meal Continue Reading Christ In The Passover Pamphlet

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  • Irrevocable Calling : Israels Role As A Light To The Nations


    Referring to the chosen-ness of the Jewish people, Paul, the Apostle, For God’s free gifts and his calling are irrevocable (Rom. 11:29). This messenger to the Gentiles understood the unique calling of his people, Israel. So does Daniel Juster. In The Irrevocable Calling, he expands Paul’s words, showing how Israel was uniquely chosen to bless the world and how these blessings can be enjoyed today. Continue Reading Irrevocable Calling : Israels Role As A Light To The Nations

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