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Category: New Christian Advice

New Christian Advice

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  • Simple Path To Following Jesus


    New Christians are full of questions. What now? How do I become more like Jesus? Where do I start making changes in my life? What does God want from me?

    This little book has the answers, based on Micah 6:8 (NIV): What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Pastor Rusty George explains that Christianity doesn’t have to be complicated. In this one verse God has revealed the simple, practical path to following Jesus.

    This small book is the perfect tool for churches or individuals to give to new Christians. Continue Reading Simple Path To Following Jesus

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  • Good News : It’s So Good The Bad News Doesn’t Matter


    It seems bad news is covering the globe these days. A steady diet of negative reports is unhealthy, depressing and paralyzing. Yet, God has GOOD NEWS for you that’s so good the bad news won’t matter anymore.

    Author and minister Greg Fritzshares GOOD NEWS from God’s Word that will uplift, liberate and empower you. These truths will help you see where you came from, why you’re here, who you are and where you’re going.

    This GOOD NEWS is for you! This book is simple enough for a new believer yet includes a systematic study of man’s redemption deep enough to enrich any student of the Bible. It’s written in a way that takes ancient Bible doctrines and applies them to the problems and challenges we all face today. Continue Reading Good News : It’s So Good The Bad News Doesn’t Matter

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  • Beginning With God (Expanded)


    1. What’s In A Name?
    2. Beginning With God
    3. A Name For God
    4. The God Who Is
    5. Man And Woman: The Image Of God
    6. The Bad News About Human Beings
    7. Sin: From The Inside Out
    8. God In Search Of His People
    9. God’s Finished Work
    10. New Life In Christ
    11. A New Lifestyle
    12. God’s Forever Farmily

    Additional Info
    In this personal, easy-to-read book, James Sire offers a basic introduction to the foundational beliefs of Christians at all times and in all places. The chapters are organized around a simple scheme: creation, fall, redemption, new life in Christ, life in the church. A first book for seekers and believers wanting to understand the Christian faith. Continue Reading Beginning With God (Expanded)

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  • Begin 21 : Your First 21 Steps With Jesus


    Now what? How does this Jesus thing work? What am I supposed to do next? These are only a few of the difficult questions new followers ask when they make the decision to follow Christ.

    There should be a simple plan that explains the essentials of Christianity for young believers; a step-by-step tool with basic instructions to help them start right, stay strong, and finish well.

    Begin 21 provides new believers (and their spiritual mentor) with clear directions as they embark on their new faith journey. The pages deliver answers to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus, discover their new identity in Christ, and find their voice in the in God’s story. As they learn to seek the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, his character will become their character. They will gain insights and practical skills to help them navigate the unchartered waters of the Christian life. Confusion will be replaced confidence, as young believers begin to experience Christ working through them to boldly proclaim, I am not ashamed. Continue Reading Begin 21 : Your First 21 Steps With Jesus

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  • Gods Promises For New Believers NKJV


    A new book for new believers-destined to become a classic!

    A new life in Christ is something to be celebrated. Brand-new believers are overflowing with excitement and anticipation about their new journey of faith. They deserve a meaningful guidebook that will help them know where to turn for the wonderful things God has promised for them throughout scripture. Divided topically and filled with Scripture promises and teachings for new Christians, this book is a wonderful gift for anyone who has recently become a new believer.

    For more than thirty years, the God’s Promises series-which has sold more than 15 million copies-has been guiding and comforting people through topically arranged scriptures addressing many facets of life.

    This promise book features short, topically based chapters teaching readers about the basics of their newfound faith. Interwoven within each chapter are scripture verses that address questions and topics that specifically answer the needs of new believers. This book will bring biblical answers to many questions new believers face, offering encouragement, hope, and a taste of the abundant promises of God for those who believe in Him.

    Sample topics include:
    *New believers in the faith
    *What is salvation?
    *What to do when you need wisdom
    *How to overcome temptation Continue Reading Gods Promises For New Believers NKJV

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  • 1st Passage : An Introduction To Christian Beliefs


    Transitioning through life as a new believer is both exciting and challenging. There are many questions that often surface in the heart of that person who chooses to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, such as:
    *Is Jesus really the only way to God?
    *How do I pray effectively?
    *How can I receive the power of the Holy Spirit?
    *What are the gifts and fruits of the Spirit?
    *How can I be healed of my sicknesses?
    *Why is attending church an essential part of true Christianity?
    *How do I witness to my family and friends?
    *What is the mission of the church?

    This introduction to Christianity will answer these questions and many more! It will lead you into a deeper understanding of the Bible and deeper relationship with God. Continue Reading 1st Passage : An Introduction To Christian Beliefs

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  • Can God Create A Rock So Big He Cant Move It


    The title question is asked of many first-year seminary students. It is one of the most important spiritual questions of all time. This book answers the question definitively.

    The reader will be shocked to discover how clear the answer has always been. Darek Isaacs engages the reader in a fun riddle that he uses as a helpful anecdote.

    Darek Isaacs shows how the Lord has equipped us to see the evidence of His existence. The reader’s faith will be strengthened as he sees how common sense is on the side of the believer. In the process, Darek exposes the foolishness of secular world philosophies that are deceiving so many people today.

    This intriguing book is for young Christians, Christian parents who are concerned about their children being influenced by secular forces, and evangelists and apologists of all kinds. Continue Reading Can God Create A Rock So Big He Cant Move It

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  • Bienvenido A La Familia


    El Cristianismo No Es Una Religion; Es Una Familia.

    En este libro, Kenneth Copeland comparte personalmente los pasos a seguir para entrar a la familia de Dios.

    El muestra lo que la Palabra de Dios dice acerca de como recibir salvacion, el bautismo del Espiritu Santo, y sanidad. El cielo no seria lo mismo sin usted!

    Una excelente herramienta de ministerio. Continue Reading Bienvenido A La Familia

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  • Am I Really A Christian


    McKinley challenges nominal Christians to take a deeper look at themselves. Jesus divided the world into two groups-those who follow him and those who don’t. But what happens when someone thinks he or she is a Christian, but isn’t? With his witty, engaging style, Mike McKinley takes readers on a journey of what it means to be a Christian. He asserts that manipulative evangelism techniques and a poor understanding of the gospel have resulted in an abundance of professing Christians who have no idea what it means to follow Christ. Each chapter title begins with You’re not a Christian [if/when/just because you]… As he surveys what it means to be Christian, McKinley offers criteria for evaluating one’s standing before God. Readers are guided through a series of challenges to reflect, repent, remember, and report to another person. Am I Really a Christian? ends with chapters on salvation and the local church. This unique book is written for nominal or new Christians and can be used in personal or small-group study. Continue Reading Am I Really A Christian

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  • New Christians Handbook


    A guide to the whats, whys, and hows of the Christian faith for new believers. Well-respected pastor Max Anders helps ground new Christians in the faith. Thirty-six, easy to follow chapters deepen your understanding of biblical doctrines, while helping you apply them to everyday life. Learn what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have done for the world and for you. Gain a better understanding of the spiritual world, salvation, and the Bible. Continue Reading New Christians Handbook

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  • I Have What The Bible Says I Have


    Following on the heels of I Am What the Bible Says I Am, this new book from Jake and Keith Provance is written to help new believers, and those who have been God’s kids for a while, see the gifts and promises in God’s Word and seeks to empower them to live the life God destined them to live.
    Continue Reading I Have What The Bible Says I Have

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  • Scripture Confessions For New Believers


    Salvation is received by what new believers say and believe and that same principle is true for all the promises of God. Now pastors and small groups have a resource just for new believers filled with God’s promises to declare for their life. As new believers begin to say these Scripture confessions over their life, they put themselves in agreement with what God has promised. Those words go to work and bring God’s abundant blessings of peace, joy, favor, wisdom, and more! Continue Reading Scripture Confessions For New Believers

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