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Annie Downs

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  • 100 Days To Brave For Kids


    100 Days to Brave for Kids helps kids see they were always meant to be brave. From dealing with fears, anxiety, and difficult changes in life, Annie F. Downs presents honest wisdom and humor giving kids ages 8 to 12 the courage and confidence to embrace the plan God has for their lives.

    100 Days to Brave for Kids is your guide to help your kids not allow fear to hold them back. With 100 days of devotions and advice, they will discover:
    *How to be the best version of themselves they can be
    *How to defeat fear so it doesn’t hold them back
    *Their unique gifts and how to create daily habits that will help them face any circumstance

    100 Days to Brave for Kids is perfect for:
    *Readers 8 to 12 who are facing new life events, loneliness, or changes in their everyday lives
    *Helping children through difficult transitions
    *Youth groups
    *Birthday gifts and holiday giving

    Kids today are going through a lot! With anxiety and loneliness at all-time highs, these 100 days can help your child discover they are braver than they know and stronger than they thought possible.

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  • 100 Days To Brave Guided Journal


    Sometimes in the midst of life’s demands, we let other people’s expectations of us shape our dreams, instead of embracing all that God has for us. How can we change our perspective and take a brave first step toward being who we truly are?

    Hundreds of thousands of readers have learned what it means to be brave enough to step into their true selves through Annie F. Downs’s book 100 Days to Brave. Now, this guided journal takes us even further on our journey toward being brave in every aspect of our lives.

    Weaving excerpts from 100 Days to Brave with journaling prompts, Bible verses, and memorable quotes, this hundred-day guided journal encourages us to reflect on the source of our fears, explore the state of our faith, and analyze the path we are on compared to where we want to be.

    This highly interactive book can be used on its own or along with the 100 Days to Brave devotional. With a foiled cover, a ribbon bookmark, and beautifully designed interiors, 100 Days to Brave Guided Journal is a perfect gift for graduates, someone beginning a new job or considering a new career path, or anyone facing a new challenge in life. The 100 Days to Brave Guided Journal is like a handheld life coach that guides us toward a braver future. As Annie writes, you are braver than you know. So get started on becoming who God is calling you to be.

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  • Speak Love : Your Words Can Change The World


    Through funny stories, Scripture, and a Speak Love Revolution challenge that could help you change the lives of every person you see, tweet, or message for the better, Annie F. Downs explores the difference you can make when you speak love to others, to God, and to yourself.

    This expanded version of Speak Love:
    *Includes 30 daily readings with a relatable topic, a Scripture verse, thoughts from the author, a prayer, and a motivational challenge to say, write, tweet, or post something that will change lives for the better
    *Is the perfect gift for young women ages 13 and up who are ready to speak love and speak lifeThe question is, are you ready to use the power of your words to make a real difference in the world? With relevant content and 30 bonus devotions, this newly revised edition of Speak Love sparks the perfect motivation to use your powerful and loving voice for good.

    Start your Speak Love journey today!

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  • Perfectly Unique Updated Edition


    In Perfectly Unique, bestselling author and sought-after speaker Annie F. Downs shares her humor and her wisdom to help pre-teen and young adult women understand how, from head to foot, the way you view your body is directly connected to how you serve God.

    From the thoughts you think to the steps you take, every part of you is part of your spiritual journey.

    Your body is a sacred treasure, a worshipful instrument, a unique masterpiece! But sometimes it feels confusing, awkward, or flawed. The truth is you and your body, all of it, are important and beautiful, designed especially by God with a specific plan and purpose! That’s a pretty big deal.

    Whether you are looking for new ways to love God more fully and understand his love and purpose for you or trying to figure out why God made you as you are, Perfectly Unique will take you on a thoughtful, funny, and spirit-filled exploration of the way you were designed and will help you better honor the creator by learning to value his perfectly unique creation–you!

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