Walking The Baby Beat


A Smart Start Press Title

D. Gary Benfield, M.D., veteran neonatologist and newspaper columnist, answers hundreds of healthcare questions in this easy-to-read book, covering everything from planning a pregnancy to childbirth and teen health concerns. Revised and updated from The Baby Beat, Dr. Benfield’s weekly newspaper column, Walking the Baby Beat is easy-to-use. Topics are arranged chronologically, related questions are grouped together under each topic, and each question is listed in the table of contents. As an added bonus, Walking the Baby Beat also includes a My Heroes section, featuring articles like The Newborn APGAR Score: Just one of Dr. Virginia Apgar’s Many Achievements, The Hidden Talent of Dr. Spock, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Rescued at Birth, and many more. This valuable reference is designed for future parents, expecting parents, rookie parents, grandparents, and even veteran parents and their older children.


SKU (ISBN): 9780977984800
D. Gary Benfield
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Publisher: APG Sales and Distribution


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