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  • 4 Cosas Que Dios Quieree Que U – (Spanish)


    This redesigned and translated tract explains the plan of salvation in 4 easy-to-understand statements, with Scripture references and clear steps to receive salvation.

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  • Usted Es Especial 25 Pack – (Spanish)


    Everyone is special to God, and he loves and desires to know each of us personally. This all-time bestselling tract, redesigned and translated into Spanish, reveals Christ’s loving and merciful heart for those who place their identity in him.

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  • Doce Tribus De Israel Folleto – (Spanish)


    Este sencillo panorama general de las doce tribus de Israel pone a su alcance el simbolo, el significado, la historia, la ubicacion y otros hechos fascinantes de cada tribu. Profundice el estudio de personajes biblicos desde Moises (de la tribuo de Levi) hasta el apostol Pablo (de la tribu de Benjamin) y haga conexiones en cuanto a su ascendencia. Descubra las batallas, las controversias y los escandalos que impactaron a cada tribu. Aprenda que personajes importantes de la Biblia provienen de cada tribu de Israel.

    El resumen de cada tribu incluye:

    *Panorama general de su historia familiar, tamao, ubicacion y hechos importantes
    *Imagen del simbolo de la tribu y su significado
    *Resumen sencillo de la bendicion de Jacob, la bendicion de Moises y otros eventos clave relacionados con cada tribu

    Repleto de ayudas visuales para ayudarle a ver informacion clave en un vistazo:

    *Linea de tiempo que muestra eventos clave, comenzando con la jornada de Abraham desde Haran

    *Mapa a color que muestra como la Tierra Prometida fue dividida entre las doce tribus segun su herencia

    *Arbol familiar de Jacob (Israel)

    *Diagrama del tabernaculo que muestra donde acampaba cada tribu alrededor del tabernaculo

    This simple overview of the twelve tribes of Israel shows each tribe’s symbol, meaning, history, location, and other fascinating facts at a glance. Enrich any study of people in the Bible from Moses (from the tribe of Levi) to the Apostle Paul (from the tribe of Benjamin) and make the “backstory” connections to their ancestry. Find out the major battles, controversies, and scandals that impacted each tribe. Learn which important Bible people came from each tribe of Israel.

    Each tribe’s summary includes:

    *Quick overview of family history, size, location, and notable facts
    *Picture of the tribe’s symbol and its meaning
    *Simple summary of Jacob’s blessing, Moses’ blessing, and other key events related to each tribe

    Packed with visual aids to help you see key information at a glance:

    *Timeline showing key events starting with Abraham’s journey from Haran

    *Color-coded map showing how the Promised Land was divided among the twelve tribes according to their inheritance

    *Family tree of Jacob (Israel)

    *Tabernacle diagram showing where each of the twelve tribes encamped around the tabernacle

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  • Siete Pecados Capitales – (Spanish)


    Los Siete Pecados Capitales es un librito esencial para el conocimiento de si mismo y el progreso espiritual. Cada lector entendera las debilidades particulares de su propia alma. Ademas aprendera los remedios para cada flaqueza y las siete raices del mal que existen dentro de todos nosotros como resultado del pecado original. Le ayudara a esforzarse en seguir las palabras de Nuestro Seor: Sed, pues perfectos, asi como vuestro Padre celestial es perfecto (Mateo 5:48). Por esto lo estamos haciendo disponible a los precios mas bajos posibles para que pueda ser distribuido a la mayor cantidad de gente. El fin es la salvacion de las almas y la paz del mundo.

    TheSeven Capital Sins is an essential book for self-knowledge and spiritual progress. Each reader will find insights into the particular weaknesses of his own soul. Plus he will learn the effective remedies for each of these, the seven roots of evil that exist within all of us as a result of original sin, so that he can then make serious efforts to follow Our Lord’s challenging imperative: Be you therefore perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect, (Mat 5:48). Therefore, we are making this booklet available at the lowest possible price for quantity distribution in order to reach as many people as possible. The issue is the salvation of souls and peace in the world.

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  • Camino De La Cruz – (Spanish)


    The Way Of The Cross

    The Way of the Cross is a devotion to the Sacred Passion, in which we accompany, in the spirit, our Blessed Lord in His sorrowful journey from the house of Pilate to Calvary, and recall to mind, with sorrow and love, all that took place from the time when He was condemned to death to His being laid in the tomb. There are fourteen Stations, or places in the Way of the Cross, at which something took place. At each Station we should say the Our Father and the Hail Mary with love and sorrow for our sins, meditating on the suffering of our Lord represented to us at the station.

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  • Fin De Los Tiempos Folleto – (Spanish)


    B&H Publishing Group has licensed six more of these easy-to-use and share booklets from Rose Publishing, translating them into Spanish. Each fourteen-page, full-color booklet is richly illustrated and carries a self- explanatory title and serves as an always-ready reference tool for personal use or on the mission field.

    Four Views of the End Times pamphlet

    So what does the Bible actually say about the end times leading up to the return of Jesus Christ? Historically, four views have predominated Christianity’s understanding. Finally, those four views are explained and illustrated in simple terms.

    Each view includes a definition of the position with its main points, supporting Scriptures, the time period for the view’s main popularity, and Christian leaders supporting that view.
    Positions covered:
    – Dispensational Premillennialism
    – Amillennialism
    – Postmillennialism
    – Historic Premillennialism

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  • 10 Preguntas Respuestas Sobre – (Spanish)


    Ten questions digging into the history and theology of the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult divulge their heretical teachings, in some cases using JW teachings against themselves! Answers to JW views on the Holy Spirit and the Trinity, the veracity of their version of the Holy Bible, and analysis of their version of salvation illuminate their variance from Christianity. Tips for talking wth a Jehovah’s Witness, a glossary, a page of resources and much more included.
    Size: 8.5″ x 5.5″ unfolds to 33″ long. Full-color illustrations and photographs. Fits inside most Bibles.

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  • Fruto Del Espiritu Folleto – (Spanish)


    B&H Publishing Group has licensed these eight easy-to-use and share booklets from Rose Publishing, translating them into Spanish. Each fourteen-page, full-color booklet is richly illustrated and carries a selfexplanatory title and serves as an always-ready reference tool for personal use or on the mission field.

    B&H Publishing Group ha obtenido licencia de Rose Publishing sobre estos ocho folletos faciles de usar y compartir, y los ha traducido al espaol. Cada folleto de catorce paginas a todo color tiene abundantes ilustraciones, incluye un titulo facil de entender y sirve como herramienta de referencia practica para uso personal o en el campo misionero.

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  • San Jose Libro De Bolsillo De – (Spanish)


    With glorious full-color illustrations, this handy-size book includes a variety of Catholics’ favorite prayers in Spanish: Daily Prayers; Prayers to the Saints; Prayers of the Saints; Psalms; Litanies, as well as devotions such as the Rosary and Stations of the Cross.

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  • Recemos El Santo Rosario – (Spanish)


    The most popular, handy, purse-size Rosary booklet. Each mystery is gloriously illustrated in full color with appropriate text. Includes Luminous Mysteries.

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