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Category: Character Development

Character Development

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  • Wyatts Fort Series


    This charming and educations series, centers around Wyatt, a precocious five-year old, and his two best friends, Howsham and Desmond. This unusual trio experiences all kinds of crazy adventures within the mysterious world residing in Wyatt’s tent fort. Even though they regularly find themselves in perilous situations, they always see it through to the end with a little help from their friends in the fort and the Book of Illumination. Continue Reading Wyatts Fort Series

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  • VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift


    Bob and Larry are preparing for their first Christmas show in Mr. Nezzer’s theater and the show seems to be headed for disaster. Bob begins to wonder how to celebrate Christmas when everything is going wrong. It’s when the Veggies go back to the very first Christmas, where times were tough and things didn’t seem to be working out, that they all learn the promise of Christmas – God is with us. It’s a timeless story of hope that every family will enjoy!
    Continue Reading VeggieTales The Best Christmas Gift

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  • Character Builders


    Join Stevie, Nancy, The Conductor(R), Benny the Bear, Herbert the Snail, and a host of other endearing characters on a series of adventures in the magical world of Agapeland. This double disc set includes 16 episodes, each focusing on a different Christian lesson the characters learn through charming stories and sing along songs. Modern animation brings the world of Character Builders(TM) to life while teaching children valuable traits like honesty, kindness, and patience.

    Each title features two stories that illustrate the value of positive character traits and offer a modern outline for Christian parenting. A must for any family movie library or children’s educational collection, the Character Builders Double Disc Set is an economical and practical way to get the best in family entertainment while instilling lifelong values in children.

    This set includes all eight delightful DVDs:
    *Obedience & Self Control
    *Goodness & Faith
    *Honesty & Responsibility
    *Thankfulness & Gentleness
    *Sharing & Kindness
    *Politeness & Joy
    *Confidence & Love
    *Patience & Peace Continue Reading Character Builders

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  • Davey And Goliath Box Set Complete Collection


    Between 1960 and 1975, the creators of Gumby produced Davey and Goliath as a welcome alternative to other children’s programming. The 3-D, stop-motion animated characters were seen by millions of children world-wide. Now the wholesome characters have a new life! They’ve been refurbished and restored for DVD and the Davey and Goliath shows feature timeless moral themes. Join these quirky, wholesome characters on their adventures as they discover valuable lessons based on Biblical values. Recommended for ages 3 to 8. Continue Reading Davey And Goliath Box Set Complete Collection

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  • VeggieTales Princess Collection Collectible Tin


    All – New VeggieTales Collectable Tins!
    Limited Edition

    VeggieTales Princess Collection Collectible Tin
    Help little ones discover that beauty on the inside is what truly matters with this all-new keepsake collection of royally sweet stories! Featuring SweetPea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart, Princess and the Pop Star, The Penniless Princess, and Beauty and the Beet, this collection of stories will help kids learn valuable lessons about true beauty and unconditional love. Bonus: also includes 54 VeggieTales Scratch and Smell stickers!

    *SweetPea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart
    *Princess and the Pop Star
    *The Penniless Princess
    *Beauty and the Beet

    BONUS: also includes 54 VeggieTales Scratch and Smell stickers! Continue Reading VeggieTales Princess Collection Collectible Tin

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  • All The Shows V2 2000-2005


    As a follow up to the All the Shows Volume 1, VeggieTales presents the second in a series of collectible slim line sets, All the Shows Volume 2! Covering shows from the years 2000-2005, featuring beloved shows like, A Snoodle’s Tale, The Ballad of Little Joe, and Duke and the Great Pie War. It’s an offer you don’t want to miss!

    The 10-disc DVD collection includes the classic VeggieTales shows:
    King George and the Ducky
    Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen
    Lyle the Kindly Viking
    The Star of Christmas
    The Ballad of Little Joe
    An Easter Carol
    A Snoodle’s Tale
    A Sumo of the Opera
    Duke and the Great Pie War
    Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush
    Continue Reading All The Shows V2 2000-2005

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  • Prayer And Rejoicing


    Using colorful animation, fun characters, and great lessons, Paws & Tales is an exciting tool for helping build godly character into kids. Based on the Paws & Tales nationally broadcast radio program presented by Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living, the DVDs communicate biblical truth and show kids how they can apply it to real life. Kids will be captivated by the adventure, caught up in the laughter, and carried away in the fun . . . and the whole time they’ll be on their way to understanding solid Bible theology. This twelfth DVD in the series features two episodes: The Princess (2 Corinthians 6:18) and CJ Prospers (Romans 12:15). In episode #1, Staci wishes she could help others in need. She learns that as followers of Jesus we can make a difference in ways beyond our imagination. In episode #2, it’s a battle between the haves and the have-nots as CJ learns how to rejoice with others whether they have lots of money or no money at all. Continue Reading Prayer And Rejoicing

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  • Lettuce Love One Another


    Bob the Tomato is ready to share 3 favorite VeggieTales episodes about ways we can show love to others! PLUS 5 New Bible Bits – fun story shorts that show examples of forgiving, helping, giving, praying and sharing!

    Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue
    Abe & the Amazing Promise
    King George & the Ducky Continue Reading Lettuce Love One Another

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  • God Loves You Very Much


    The DVD is the follow-up title to God Made You Special and includes nearly 90 minutes of family-friendly content. Includes three classic shows:
    Rack, Shack, and Benny
    Gideon: Tuba Warrior
    The Ballad of Little Joe
    The title also includes an all-new story-song, as well as other bonus features and activities.

    Continue Reading God Loves You Very Much

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  • Princess And The Pop Star A Story Of Trading Places


    Princess Poppyseed’s life on her family’s farm is far from the glamorous world of her favorite pop singer Vanna Banana. While Princess milks the cows and dreams of a life on stage, Vanna has her own dreams of a life far from the hectic pace of stardom that leaves her feeling alone and lonely.

    On a chance meeting at a playground, Vanna and Princess cross paths and realize that they look almost exactly alike-which leads to the crazy notion that maybe they could switch lives! In a flash, the girls’ secret plan is launched, and Princess is whisked to her new life as a pop star while Vanna gets to live her dream of life away from the pressure of fame! As Princess tries to live up to the demands of being a diva and Vanna learns how to milk the cows, things don’t go as smoothly as they would like! As each girl realizes that the life they longed for doesn’t fulfill all of their dreams, they realize that the life God gave them is the one for which they were uniquely and lovingly designed.

    Features the new song You Never Are from Dove Award winning Female Vocalist of the Year, Francesca Battistelli.

    Lesson: Being Yourself
    Key Verses: Jeremiah 1:5a
    Silly Song: Astonishing Wigs
    Run Time: 50 min

    Bonus features:
    Audio Commentary
    Princess Poppyseed’s Points for Being Uniquely You!
    Behind the Music with Francesca Battistelli, Mike Nawrocki, and friends!
    Astonishing Wigs Singalong
    English and Spanish Subtitles Continue Reading Princess And The Pop Star A Story Of Trading Places

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  • Adventures In Odyssey Gift Set


    4 DVDs 30 Minutes Per Episode

    Additional Info
    #1 The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner–A supercharged show with a powerful lesson about trusting God.

    #2 Escape from the Forbidden Matrix–Dylan learns about priorities and the dangers of wasting time when he and Eugene get stuck in a computer game.

    #3 The Caves of Qumran–Find out why life’s greatest treasure is more valuable than gold in this high-action, adventure-filled episode.

    #4 Race to Freedom–On a trip back to 1856 in the Imagination Station, Carter is mistaken for a runaway slave, and Dylan learns that every person is valuable to God
    Continue Reading Adventures In Odyssey Gift Set

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  • Kingdom Under The Sea The Gift


    Each episode consists of dazzling computer animation takes you under the waves for another delightful adventure. Biblically-based story themes help children understand difficult concepts such as faith, salvation, trust, and forgiveness. Continue Reading Kingdom Under The Sea The Gift

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