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Christian Living

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  • Traveling Light


    Life’s a journey, and it’s easy to pick up extra baggage along the way. Bitterness, guilt, self-reliance, pride… How can we enjoy the road ahead, if we’re lugging around all this stuff? What if we could travel through life with no bags at all?

    Max Lucado’s bestselling book comes to life in Traveling Light – A Journey through Psalm 23. In this 18 Part series, Max Lucado unpacks the 23rd Psalm to help viewers get rid of excess baggage. This multi-format program features poignant teaching, real life stories, and laugh-out-loud funny interviews with life’s tiniest travelers – children! It’s time to start Traveling Light.
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  • Manifestations Of The Glory Of God


    We live in the greatest days! Great things have happened, and greater things are going to happen. God wants to demonstrate His power in a way everyone can see it. But it is not His power alone that does it. We add faith to it and come together in unity-worshipping and praising God. He will inhabit our praises and manifest in our midst.

    In this session from a 1983 Holy Spirit Seminar, Kenneth E. Hagin lays a solid Biblical foundation for the coming move of God. Learn how God’s Spirit operates and ways to cooperate. Watch as the Holy Spirit moves and prophetic words come forth. The phenomenal manifestations we have already seen are just the tip of the iceberg! Know what to do to get ready for more. Continue Reading Manifestations Of The Glory Of God

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  • Overcomers Series


    You’ve had your breakthrough-now it’s time to live it. It takes more than a single experience to live the victorious Christian life. It takes a pattern of godly living. A righteous life doesn’t indicate sinlessness; it means leading a God-pleasing lifestyle. Why settle for lukewarm Christianity-with its frequent lapses into shameful behavior-when it is possible to enjoy an upright and godly life? This series offers 24 specially chosen messages in 12 DVD’s which will not only teach you how to lead a godly life but will impart to you the very power to do so. Each disc will also provide Bonus Feature material in the form of documentaries, testimonies, interviews, etc. that supplements its overall message.

    *Living for Jesus in a Dark World;
    *What it Means to Follow Jesus;
    *In Search of Truth; Living at the Cross;
    *Leading a Controlled Life in a Lust-Driven Culture;
    *A Passion to Seek God; Resisting the Great Lie;
    *The Set-Apart Life; For the Love of Pleasure;
    *Finding Answers for Life’s Struggles;
    *The Self-Life or the Mercy-Life;
    *and The Lordship of Christ. Continue Reading Overcomers Series

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  • Prayer Coin : Daring To Pray With Honest Abandon


    Prayer can be baffling. Sometimes we blurt out our needs and beg God to meet them. Other times we genuinely try to surrender to God’s best, but wonder what that might include. Prayer can feel like a coin flip between our desires and God’s. But what if that continual back-and-forth became an avenue that actually draws us closer to God?

    Elisa Morgan experienced this prayer struggle, but had an epiphany one day when she noticed how Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane: Take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done (Luke 22:42). Jesus Christ begged for relief from the trial He faced, while utterly complying with what He knew the Father’s will to be. Honesty and abandon in the same breath-and when Elisa followed the prayer example of her Savior, she experienced a new intimacy with God.

    Walk with Elisa as she shares her prayer coin journey and encourages you to begin yours. Her love and knowledge of Scripture combined with edge-of-your-seat storytelling will have you ready to flip your prayer coin to see where God leads!

    This Bible-based DVD is perfect for a group study. The Prayer Coin is also available as a book, an audiobook, and an ebook. Continue Reading Prayer Coin : Daring To Pray With Honest Abandon

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  • Connect


    In a social media-centered world, the smart phone has become a cultural rite of passage for kids. But is that rite all wrong? How can this generation of parents blaze a new trail to equip their kids to thrive in an ever-changing digital environment while steering clear of the dangers that lurk nearby? With six kids, Kirk Cameron fully understands this dilemma. So he went to the experts, and what he learned will enlighten, challenge, and encourage parents. And best of all: it can help strengthen your family! If you re committed to raising kids who will make an impact in this world, see CONNECT and find help, hope, and strength for parenting kids and teens in a social media world. Continue Reading Connect

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  • Awakening : Discover Your Role In The Gospel


    Believers sometimes think of the gospel message as their ticket to heaven–a reward for some future day. But the gospel life is intended to be lived to the fullest every single day, right now. Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Gospel is a six-week study that shares solid biblical reaching and real-life stories so viewers can truly see what life in God’s kingdom looks like today. It will give them a more complete understanding of the gospel, igniting a desire to live out the reality of this new life with Christ and transforming how they relate to God and other people in their lives. Continue Reading Awakening : Discover Your Role In The Gospel

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  • Adorned : Conference Video Set – Women Mentoring Women The Titus 2 Way


    7 speakers. 14 sessions. One message: living out the beauty of the gospel together.

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and her friends teach about pursuing God’s pattern of discipleship. Through original skits and messages on Titus 2, you’ll be challenged to live (and thrive) in community. As we live out Christ’s beauty before a dying world, we adorn the gospel-together. Continue Reading Adorned : Conference Video Set – Women Mentoring Women The Titus 2 Way

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  • Porn Project


    The Porn Project in 1 sentence:
    But how do you actually do that?

    This talk will challenge our beliefs (what is porn?, history, theology), our behaviours (addiction, accountability, triggers, lifestyle, environment etc), and look beyond ourselves at how porn might be hurting others around us (spouse, children, dating relationships, people involved in the pornography industry etc).

    The goal is to be less of a presentation and more of a training. Training to equip and empower individuals (men and women), parents and leaders on how to navigate this conversation no matter if you dabble, struggle, or are addicted to pornography in any of its forms. Continue Reading Porn Project

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  • Keeping Place : Reflections On The Meaning Of Home


    To be human is to long for home. Home is our most fundamental human longing. And for many of us homesickness is a nagging place of grief. This five-session DVD study featuring author Jen Pollock Michel connects that desire and disappointment with the story of the Bible, helping us to see that there is a homemaking God with wide arms of welcome-and a church commissioned with this same work. Keeping Place offers hope to the wanderer, help to the stranded, and a new vision of what it means to live today with our longings for eternal home. The companion book includes a five-session discussion guide that incorporates the DVD sessions. Continue Reading Keeping Place : Reflections On The Meaning Of Home

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  • Israel Past Present And Future


    In this comprehensive 6-DVD series, Derek Prince begins with a fascinating description of his personal connection with Israel. He then explains the parallel restoration of Israel and the church, gives glimpses of the future through biblical prophecy, and provides clear and compelling instruction on how to pray for Israel. He concludes the series with a broad biblical perspective on Israel, including historical prophecies and Israel’s restoration and alignment with God’s ultimate purposes. Continue Reading Israel Past Present And Future

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  • Why Israel : Gods Heart For A People His Plan For A Nation


    The words Israel and Israelite occur more than 2,500 times in the Bible. In this insightful message, Derek Prince reveals God’s heart for Israel and explains why the people of Israel are so special to Him. He also explains God’s plan for the land, prophecies that are being fulfilled, the real issue behind the conflict between Israel and other nations of the Middle East-and what the ultimate resolution will be. Continue Reading Why Israel : Gods Heart For A People His Plan For A Nation

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  • Cross In My Life


    The cross is the basis of God’s full provision for us, including Satan’s total defeat. When we allow Satan to obscure the power of the cross, we lose sight of God’s provision, and we fall into carnality and legalism. But as we specifically apply the cross to our own life, we find that it provides a fivefold deliverance for us-from this present evil age, from the law, from self, from the flesh, and from the world. Continue Reading Cross In My Life

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