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George Bloomer

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  • Witchcraft In The Pews And Spiritual Warfare


    Guilt. Shame. Fear. They steal your joy and cripple you with doubt. Just when you think you’re gaining new revelation from God and developing fresh intimacy with Him, the devil comes to take away all of your progress.

    Shamefully, the schemes of the evil one have infiltrated the Christian church, with pastors who abuse their authority and allow deception, witchcraft, and occult practices to be used to manipulate their flocks. These toxic would-be shepherds twist and manipulate God’s design for authority, leaving innocent people as victims and prisoners of controlling, abusive situations.

    Free yourself from the devil’s assaults! Bishop George Bloomer teaches you how to recognize:

    Ministers who use intimidation and fear

    Controlling power in families

    Spiritual discernment and its many uses

    Manipulative media techniques

    Distractions coming from Satan

    Take a stand and engage in spiritual warfare! Claim the joyful life that God has planned for you!

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  • Break Loose : Find Freedom From Toxic Traps And Spiritual Bondage


    Every Christian gets stuck. But not every Christian needs to stay stuck.With a lively voice and real-world experience, Bishop Bloomer encourages the believer to break loose from the chains of bad habits and hurtful attitudes. In short, forceful chapters bursting with biblical support, he tackles everything from fear to debt, to depression, addiction, sickness, anxiety, bad relationships, and more. But the focus of Break Loose is not these negative issues, but rather the positive reality: abundant freedom in Christ. Bloomer advocates an outward-facing faith that relies on God’s healing of self to provide healing to others in the church, neighborhood, and community, setting off a chain reaction of freedom, forgiveness, and love that will have an eternal impact. Includes resources for healing and renewal, as well as Bishop Bloomer’s “Spiritual Warfare Dictionary.”

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  • Divine Revelation Of Healing


    Experience God’s Healing Power! Read the many dramatic, real-life testimonies of people who miraculously received healing from deadly diseases, illnesses, and destructive lifestyles and habits. Discover how they were healed and you, too, can: ” Remove hindrances to healing. ” Overcome fear and hopelessness. ” Learn the reasons for sickness. ” Defeat the power of evil. ” Receive physical and emotional healing. ” Walk in divine health. ” Minister healing to others. God desires to heal His people. You can be among those who receive healing today!

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  • Revelacion Divina Del Oracion – (Spanish)


    !La oracion realmente funciona!

    Muchos cristianos se preguntan por que no pueden vencer sus pecados y sus tentaciones, y cual es la razon de que sus oraciones pidiendo por una mejor salud, bendiciones financieras, y restauracion en sus relaciones con otras personas, no han recibido respuesta.

    La autora de Best Sellers Mary K. Baxter comparte visiones y revelaciones acerca del poder de la oracion, que abren los ojos hacia una nueva perspectiva.

    Sus respuestas personales tan asombrosas te van a ayudar a:
    ” Vencer temores, ataduras y fracasos
    ” Poder escuchar claramente la direccion de Dios
    ” Recibir sanidad y liberacion de todo tipo de adicciones
    ” Poder vivir el tipo de vida que deberias vivir
    ” Experimentar el poder de Dios diariamente

    !Descubre los secretos que estan en la oracion
    para poderosas victorias transformadoras el hoy mismo!

    When you pray but don’t see an answer, you can be tempted to think God isn’t listening to you. Yet even when you do not visibly see God at work, He is actively answering your requests in the invisible realm. In A Divine Revelation of Prayer, Mary K. Baxter and George Bloomer share fascinating dreams and revelations concerning the power of prayer and their experiences with answered prayer as they’ve ministered throughout the world.
    You will discover…
    * How our prayers are received in the spirit realm.
    * How to pray in expectation.
    * How to live in confident faith that God’s will has been done as you wait for the physical manifestation of your answer.
    * Why you should never give up on prayer but rather give in to God.
    * How to discern and overcome hindrances to your prayers.
    * How to exercise the power of prayer in your everyday life.
    Ask for God’s help, and He will make you an overcomer in every facet of your life.

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  • Divine Revelation Of Prayer


    1. Is God Really Listening?
    2. The”How” Is Up To God
    3. Seeking Answers In False Gods
    4. Communing With The Father
    5. Lord, Help Me To Pray!
    6. Overcoming Hindrances To Answered Prayer
    7. A Sacrificed Life
    8. Attitudes And Qualities Of Intercessors
    9. Visions Of Deliverance And Answered Prayers

    Additional Info
    When God sometimes seems silent, do you wonder whether he hears your prayers? Sharing amazing dreams and revelations, Baxter and Bloomer assure you that although you may not see God at work, he’s answering your requests in the spiritual realm. Discover how to wait in faith, overcome hindrances to your petitions, persist in prayer, and more.

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  • Authority Abusers : Identifyiing And Healing The Wounds Of Toxic Leadership (Exp


    Hurting souls have been frightened into submission by leaders who use people to improve their own self-esteem and advance their careers. Tragically, this has all happened within the church where salvation, healing, freedom, and love should abound. In George Bloomer’s wake-up call for the church, you will learn of God’s restorative plan for the abused and the abuser.

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