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  • UnCovery Devotional : Rethinking Recovery One Day At A Time – A 365 Day Dev


    All of us are recovering from something. Whether it’s an addiction, a painful incident from our past, or a daily challenge just to get by in this world, something is holding us back from the promised-land life God wants for us.

    Real recovery isn’t a one-time event or a process that fits into twelve steps or a preset length of time. Uncovering how to live free of what holds you back is a lifelong journey, and one that is best traveled with others.

    The Uncovery Devotional: Rethinking Recovery One Day at a Time will help you take those steps toward a better, healthier, happier you. The authors, George A. Wood and Brit Eaton, know that battles with addiction, mental health, suicidal thoughts, and past trauma cannot be won overnight. They’ve been in your shoes. And they provide the love, commitment, and compassion that will help you uncover and heal the bottom-line issue that causes you to struggle in the first place.

    Each month follows a theme, such as reflection, relationship, and reconciliation, while each day provides a short Scripture and prayer.

    Wild opportunities for hope, healing, and transformation exist for you in the Christian recovery space because you’re not working to recover an old, broken life–you’re going after a brand new one.

    You’ll discover the truth about who you really are and Whose you really are so that you can reach deep levels of healing and deliverance.

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  • Rebuilding Trust After Betrayal


    Practical advice for healing and repairing broken trust and relationships.
    A best friend who undermines you. A partner’s infidelity. A coworker that sabotages you or your workplace. A relative who steals from your family. Intimate betrayal strikes at the core of our capacity to trust and love, crushing the fundamental expectation that gives us the courage to connect deeply–the belief that the person we love wouldn’t hurt us. Whether the betrayal is through infidelity, emotional abuse, verbal aggression, or domestic violence, the psychological wound that cuts deepest is the perception that, ultimately, the person we love doesn’t care about our wellbeing.

    So how can we heal from these wounds and even rebuild trust after betrayal? God provides the strength, guidance, and peace to overcome your current heartache and regain joy. And this handbook can help you do the hard work to walk on that path to healing.

    Quickly Find the Information You Need on Repairing Relationships
    In this handbook, you will learn:

    *What to do when someone has betrayed your trust, or when you have betrayed the trust of someone else
    *How to decide whether or not to repair the relationship and 10 daily steps to do so 3 essential elements of reconciliation
    *And more

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  • Social Media And Depression


    In Social Media and Depression, get proven, practical steps, definitions, causes, and solutions to manage the risks and make the technology work for you, not the other way around.

    Growing research shows that we as a society have a social media dilemma: social media use has a dark side, including elevated risk of depression and anxiety. But avoiding negative outcomes is not the only reason to educate ourselves about the pitfalls and learn to avoid them. Preserving the benefits of responsible social media engagement is also payoff worth pursuing. Learn to:

    *Assess your own vulnerabilities to social media use
    *Learn to recognize when apps begin to take a toll on your mental health
    *Choose best practices to minimize risks
    *And much more!

    This incredible resource book is packed with statistics, definitions, risks, and practical advice that you can apply to your life immediately. Arm yourself with the awareness to keep your mind and spirit healthy despite the addictive quality of various apps and sites. Discover:

    *The latest research on social media and mental health
    *Dangers posed by excessive or imbalanced use of social media
    *12 negative consequences to public health and wellbeing
    *20 questions to self-assess whether social media is problematic for you
    *7 signs to check your mental health
    *7 tips for a technology detox
    *9 strategies for healthy use of social media

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  • When A Loved One Is Addicted


    In When a Loved One Is Addicted, get practical advice, trusted research, definitions, causes, and solutions to helping a loved one recover from addiction.

    You can be free of the harmful effects of a loved one’s addiction! Dr. Gregory Jantz believes every person can find a unique pathway through powerlessness, fear, guilt, shame, and despair back into the light and fresh air of freedom because God is the Great Healer, for whom anything is possible.

    Discover ways to:

    *Recognize the difference between compassion and codependence
    *Identify signs and symptoms of addictions, as well as types of addictions
    *Make your own health and wellbeing a priority
    *Stop enabling your loved one’s addiction
    *Set boundaries and stick to them
    *Hold a positive, productive intervention
    *Find the right kind of treatment program
    *Support your loved one in treatment and beyond
    *And more!

    By grounding yourself in a clear understanding of what addiction is, how and why it takes hold in someone’s life, and how to protect yourself while maintaining your love for them, you’ll be far better equipped to offer appropriate help. This book will help you gain the awareness you need to move forward in truth and grace, to succeed at what you can do: love the addict unconditionally and be a positive presence in their life, guided by healthy boundaries that protect everyone.

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  • Your First Step To Freedom


    This instructional and informative book is written for those who want to help someone that is struggling with an addiction. For those struggling with a life-controlling problem, for church leaders, youth ministers, families and friends of an addict, this book has been written for you.

    With over fifty years of experience and seeing first hand that people do not know how to help those suffering with an addiction, Don Wilkerson has written this book to help. Find useful guidance on:
    -Taking the first step towards treedom
    -Ministering to families of addicts
    -Steps toward intervention for loved ones
    -How to avoid a relapse
    -From denial to decision
    -And much more

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  • Breaking Toxic Soul Ties


    Going through this world in relationship with other people inevitably creates connections in our inner being called soul ties. When these relationships are loving, supportive, and nurturing, positive soul ties are created. But if the relationships become abusive or manipulative, or cause rejection, they can create a toxic brokenness within the soul that we carry with us, even long after the relationship ends. If these toxic inner soul ties are not broken, we will experience failure, fractured relationships, and even health problems throughout life.

    In Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, Tom Brown describes his own story of rejection and the process of inner healing he experienced. He helps you to identify and diagnose toxic relationships as he breaks down the difference between positive and negative soul ties. He also shows why toxic soul ties develop and how they can only be broken by a process of inner healing through confession, forgiveness, and prayer. The truth is, unless your self-image is firmly rooted in the truth of your identity in Christ, you will always be susceptible to bad soul ties. Tom Brown describes the way for you to move forward in life and leave pain and brokenness behind for good!

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  • Celebrate Recovery Journal Updated Edition


    SKU (ISBN): 9780310090342ISBN10: 0310090342John BakerBinding: Cloth TextPublished: June 2017Celebrate RecoveryPublisher: HarperChristian Resources

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  • At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry Workbook New Edition (Workbook)


    This workbook is designed to help men get the most out of the biblical principles presented in every chapter of At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. It will also lead them into a richer, fuller understanding of how to win the victory over sexual sin. Each workbook chapter is broken down into four parts: Study Questions, What do the Scriptures Say?, Personal Examination, and Digging Deeper questions. This workbook will help men destroy the idol of lust and honor God with their thought life, unearth the roots of sexual sin as they search the Scriptures, and step into radical transformation of their heart and life as they apply proven biblical answers.

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  • At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry New Edition


    Living in the 21st century is like swimming in a sea of sensuality. With no possibility of insulating themselves from sexual temptation, countless numbers of Christian men are drowning in this bottomless ocean of lust. Many men have tried everything they can to find the freedom they are longing for….So why do so few find it? In At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry, Steve Gallagher masterfully exposes the real roots of sexual addiction, clearly marks the path to a victorious life, and conclusively affirms the authority of God’s Word through personal testimony. In the most comprehensive treatment of sexual addiction available, Gallagher shows men how to destroy the idol of lust and paves the way for a radical transformation of their heart and life.

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  • Unmasking Emotional Abuse


    Not all abuse is physical. The wounds of emotional abuse may not be visible, but they still leave scars. Whether a stabbing comment or constant putdowns, most people face emotional abuse at some point in their lives, so how can you learn to detect it and stop the cycle of abuse? How can you heal after enduring it? This practical and handy guidebook examines the different descriptions of emotional abuse, and includes stories from people who have found healing in Christ.

    Unmasking Emotional Abuse, by notable author and mental health professional Dr. Gregory Jantz, helps readers who have been victims of emotional abuse heal and move forward in God’s truth. It also includes 10 concrete steps to healing. Emotional abuse limits your choices, your value, and your worth. Healing from emotional abuse opens you up to regaining that full life. This book will help get you there, and offers 10 biblically-based steps for healing.

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  • Faith After Failure


    Failure. It knocks at the doors of our lives and hopes to find permanent residence. The haunting words of our past…you failed…you should be ashamed…you’ll never measure up…resound over and over in our minds until we come to the realization that in God there is no failure! Every obstacle in life is an opportunity for our faith to be renewed and witness the miracle of God’s transforming power. God has never expected his children to be perfect; in fact He seeks to prove His love and faithfulness by perfecting us as we walk through the challenges of life. This book is all about the times we find ourselves in the pit of despair and are then equipped by God’s grace to move forward once again and experience complete fulfillment in Christ. There is no mission impossible for God. “Mission Possible” awaits you as you read Faith After Failure: Reconnecting With Your Destiny.

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  • Life Recovery Devotional


    SKU (ISBN): 9781414330044ISBN10: 1414330049Stephen Arterburn | David StoopBinding: Trade PaperPublished: July 2009Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

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  • Sanidad Del Corazon – (Spanish)


    Joan Hunter Ministries Publication

    In her new book Joan shares the struggles with obesity, breast cancer and the heart-breaking end of her 25 year marriage.

    Find out how God turned her around and she became an international author and teacher with an awesome healing ministry.

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